Afraid to stop the grassroots is not really grassroots

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grassroots webmaster is cattle call in this year, I own in the Internet arena have their own third of an acre, but even his place is to be careful, because the land is rented, the rent price is not to say, although the kind of what you say, but you kind of garlic and marijuana and finally get the treatment is not the same, even worse is that one day, you suddenly was gone, even those you are not the kind of garlic, your hoe was closed, the guy didn’t you eat, you can not worry, you can not angry, I told you, I don’t worry, I’m not angry.

why? I have to live well. No, we borrow money to rent a piece of garlic, no, we find someone to buy again, but we are little-known grassroots, not what is too valuable things from you, no one day after you cut your ass, because your chop is sold but the old sow price, your meat 22 people really disdain.

so that the station closed, don’t worry, then a place to change the backup, not to learn new things, a CMS system and then engage in, maybe this is a chance, a large number of dead, you come back to live, then you are a new batch of players, you can adhere to the end, get the final victory.

some people say, you say, Lao Tzu tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands IP no, you lose. I don’t believe that, if you have so many IP, then you would have to develop the habit of backup, and within a few hours of rapid handling of the crisis system, the basic block does not hurt you, it is a pity for the Internet with a dream of new people, just pay one year fee poor graduates in the non resistance under the oppression of no complaints, because the gentleman rent your server is also in front of the company holding the Montreal server crying, so we said, this flow no, those who have a great reputation of the website, I know the forum is dry round also meet the eye everywhere. We are not to cry. We just have to find a place, then come, died so many stations, your traffic how come up?.

but I still have some fear, I am afraid I development, BTChina VeryCD, the nightmare will come to my head, I am afraid that one day, someone suddenly took away my name, said to me, your domain name, Taobao for registration, registration is not know Taobao the legitimate right, I want to look away, your attitude is good, do not put you in jail, go home. I am afraid that one day, I had the record revoked, told me that the formal record is free, your username and password are not even the record, spent 20 yuan a day can have such a good thing for the people all over the world do not take formal channels of our website and on it, to tell you the truth, you the site, in addition to do a public inquiry, I do not know why, if I were you, put a GG advertisement in the home, earn points. I am afraid that one day I can not open a website in China, I can only go to the United States to get a garbage space, whether it is i>

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