n the current era the webmaster should change the station method

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once stood down the webmaster, after several years or even decades of accumulation, they have accumulated a lot of users, accumulated a lot of experience, accumulated a lot of valuable resources. They can survive as long as they stick to it. Now, the webmaster is not the only way to survive, after my analysis, now the webmaster views vary, some optimists, and some pessimists. Their way of doing things is also different. Some webmaster website was K, they can find reason to continue to do, and continue to go on, just like a few days ago there is a webmaster, do game publishing station. Asked me to put IDC ads, I replied: "you stand no traffic, no brand, why should I put your ads here?", I thought, I cast you to send money to your station advertising, if there are 100 people like you, I is tantamount to throwing thousands of to tens of thousands of money, can do it? If I was a philanthropist. But none of the companies were philanthropists at first. Even a philanthropist would not do so, at most, give money to children or orphanages. Also, I analysed the game release station competition, look at his website, search engine is not included, this is equivalent to a large number of hao123 had seen because of success and do web site a number of webmaster, too many owners love to follow suit, follow the trend of the 99% of all is a failure, only 1% have a plan, and to the success of the operation of the fund. And you, as a personal webmaster, as an ordinary webmaster, it is impossible to succeed. The impossible is always predestined. Later, he said: "if I work hard, I believe we can get a return!", perhaps, the most is a failure, this is what he will return, but I also say, "your faith is very good, but is doomed to fail!", because Baidu will not included you, but you and so many games released station competition, is destined to fail, follow the trend of competition can only be eliminated.

now has many owners still do the thief acquisition site, early I released the study of several die sites, can not think there are so many people do, Baidu now views and 35 years ago is not the same as. Their database has been stretched by the data of China’s webmaster, and a lot of duplicate information has no need to be shown to the user again, so Baidu also made a suggestion:

1. Original content, ensure that information is not repeated. According to this, I analyzed, think of Baidu as a search engine for himself and the interests of users, the user is to search his basic information on his people, rather than the webmaster, you don’t need to take your stand on top, and pull down the weight of high standing, already has hundreds of database information, it is necessary that he included you again, will repeat the information displayed to the user in the


2. Update frequency to ensure information update is urgent. It is also easy to analyze, if I spider every day to visit your site, your site is always not update, it is necessary to access every day? You don’t update I will not visit, I also slowly slow to update access, so usually website updated quickly to attract.

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