How to use soft text promotion to bring us great income

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with the development of the Internet, traditional advertising has been a great impact, especially in some special industries, such as news, website building and IT industry to the industry, it is the impact of the Internet in a complete mess. It has been predicted that newspaper sources such as newspapers will soon disappear and be replaced by the Internet and mobile internet. Whether the prophecy is effective, but the rise of the Internet is inevitable, unstoppable. And if a business or a small amount of advertising costs into the small and medium-sized enterprises, how can you use the Internet or even the mobile Internet and get benefits,


in the network promotion, there is a promotion called soft Wen promotion, through ingenious words to attract users attention, private placement products that resonate with the subconscious discourse, readers accept advertising, so as to achieve the effect of benefit. An excellent soft Wen, can bring unimaginable income to an enterprise. Have promotion master, use soft text reprint effect, only a soft Wen let earnings reach tens of thousands. You can imagine, the promotion of soft paper is actually a head Fulong advertising, with the good is good, will affect the enterprise image by the difference. So, how can I make money through the soft text,


first, write soft Wen, wan not with propaganda thought, must from the user experience angle writing, first for the user to solve the problem, and then can introduce the user’s needs. For example, we write an article about how to treat a cold " " soft Wen, we think, see this article, must have a cold or a loved one suffering from a cold, in writing, we cannot directly into certain brands cold treatment effect of good hard advertising, it will inevitably lead to the reader disgusted, estimated at a glance off. However, if we go around, through the introduction of some common sense of cold treatment, such as drinking plenty of warm water, the usual life notes, as well as medication notes, language is objective and contains concerns about the charm. Finally, point out a certain brand of cold medicine, cold treatment are unique advantages, it is recommended to use. In this way, we not only achieve the purpose of publicity, but also provide readers with more useful information, and enhance the user experience, soft Wen naturally achieve marketing purposes.

second, soft text, it is best to reasonable integration with the product related keywords. Keyword is included in the title of the article or at the beginning of the article, so that you can search for a search engine when the user searches for a chance to find our articles. In the Internet, a platform of the flow is very big, also did not use Baidu search engine traffic, and release the soft Wen promotion is definitely not one of us, there are countless Internet marketer in the hair, the soft information will be continual network army overwhelmed. And search engines are different, search engine principle is based on an article of user experience and platform rights to give a certain ranking, ranking mechanism exists. General our soft Wen write excellent, is original, content valuable, see more people, more comments, and that in search engines can generally achieve ideal ranking. When the user through keyword search, our soft Wen in the search results first

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