Website design analysis the use of fixed floating windows in the design

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fixed floating window is a common technique in web design. It refers to the design of a certain block fixed in the response position of the browser without changing its position with the movement of the scroll bar.

‘s most common fixed floating window design is fixed at the bottom of the browser pop-up ads, such as Sina’s home page will have Sina windows pop-up ad.


recently, Dangdang’s home ads are very strong, most of them fixed at the bottom and both sides of the browser.


because the fixed floating window is always displayed at the top of the page content, and sometimes even cover the value of the content of the user want, this design is really not liked. Sometimes, some fixed floating window will provide a "close" button, but it obviously can’t eliminate the user’s resentment, because they can close in a piece of advertising, is also a kind of suffering, and the close button is always very small, will not pay attention to advertising links, sometimes the "closed" and may be false off but after the jump to point up the advertising page.

above, these are negative and even rogue design behavior, we will not discuss, today mainly to discuss the fixed floating window in the design of benign use. Before that, let’s analyze the features of fixed floating windows: do not move with the scroll bar, appear in the fixed position of the browser. How can we take advantage of this feature? Perhaps we can look for inspiration from the design of desktop software.

is the first example, the directory page label Foxit reader, what is it? In a long article, the user can click on the label to the specific part. On the left hand side of group 800 website, there is a chain of anchor for group purchase. Click on it to get the corresponding group buying section.


second examples are the WPS2012 toolbar and the bottom of the data display. The function is obvious, the user needs or may need at any time the function or the information which sees, displays with the fixed module. At sina, micro-blog top, Sina, micro-blog, right, back to top, buttons, Renren, bottom, beauty, landing, and so on. Of course, from the website rather than the user’s point of view, fixed floating window ads also hope that users can always pay attention to advertising information.


therefore, the use of fixed floating window must have the conditions is very long or very wide, page (generally not very wide?!) under the condition that the user need at any time or at any time may need to read jump in different paragraphs, or have some function and information with the need or may need to provide to the user at any time. #p# subtitle #e#

is sorting some of them properly using fixed >

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