Refuting Wang Tong Alibaba B2B is bound to decline

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read Wang Tong’s article (Wang Tong: Alibaba B2B inevitable decline  ) I want to explain the following

first, you say you can only say that really do not understand Chinese suppliers and Alibaba English station, of course you do not understand the foreign trade Alibaba, international membership fee is 50 thousand started, but why there will be more cost mainly in advertising and other value-added services, this is the most important station of Alibaba English profit growth point.

second, while Alibaba Chinese station is now the integrity of target is B2B million members of the new growth point of the domestic station membership fee of 2800 yuan / year (Personal Edition 2300 yuan / year), now the domestic Alibaba toll station member 320 thousand, a total profit of 2800*320000=8.9 billion, if we count it, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed Alibaba will make it? The profit point is definitely in the value-added services bidding and gold booth wang.

third, the Alibaba internal psychological stock price is 12 yuan, but when the market Ma also said that, if you want to make a short-term investment, then buy the Alibaba is not often much, the stock price and the current downturn in the domestic and international market and the macro market regulation are closely related, so now the price is also represented the degree of inflation and China market present situation, why national and provincial leaders to visit the Alibaba and vigorously promote Alibaba, because he is China portrayal of economy at present.

fourth, simple to take B2B and C2C may be a bit wrong, but can see why Taobao and eBay both at home and abroad to do so well, there is certainly some truth, but the concept of B2B is not at home together, but the incoming international Chinese, if no B2B, then Globalsources (global resources net) 34 years of history it is ought to be closed


fifth, objectively speaking, the Alibaba may indeed bring the effect of so much as Baidu in most members (the reason is provided by Baidu supplier can be too little, so less selective competition increases your chances of success, do optimization should be aware of what is going on, and all enterprises do everyone on Optimization go to Baidu? In addition to the first three pages, most of the results of the search out is not reasonable results, but the Alibaba) to the customer price and return rate is much higher than the absolute Baidu, one of my friend SKF to do the bidding of the bearing industry, bearing the word for a month in Baidu’s bidding cost is about 80 thousand (all can prevent malicious click operation done, such as the day at night, but not in the other) the actual cost recovery only 4-6 million, the reason he is to continue to do Baidu From here until a big order. At the same time also made a comparison, such as stop bidding, only one month to do Alibaba, telephone inquiries per day than when the auction reduced by 60%, but corporate profits are 2 times higher than the original. Alibaba domestic station price is only 2800 yuan / year, relatively speaking

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