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first explains that I’m not a professional web designer, but my job was to help clients solve the problems in Web design. Maybe you will feel strange, I won’t go to station to help others to solve the problem, it sounds like a paradox! 3 years ago in an accident to the original in a foreign Server Co to work, the company is not big, exactly is very small, in the time I counted only seven people. The nature of the work is to chat with people online, of course, not white chat, have to help people solve the problem of website construction. The reason why the company opened its branch office in China is that it has taken a fancy to China’s low wage level. How stingy boss will not say (bosses, but remember stingy) in this company for 2 years, and learned a lot of things.

now many domestic Server Co provide online chat services, I think basically learning abroad. Since the company called foreign companies, of course, the language of work in English, coupled with their original language is to learn, chat with customers is not a problem. Your love on the station should be said to be formed in time to help customers solve problems, to set up a fun Chinese forum, and later because the garbage post is too much, too lazy to delete the entire site, I stopped. Later, in a friend’s persuasion, "since you are good at English, why not build an English website?". Listen to yourself, you can try. Because I am not a professional website designer, let me design the website of myself, that’s certainly not enough. So start with the simplest. The simplest site building program is the WORDPRESS program. It’s easy to operate. Maybe you would think that WORDPRESS is just a blog program and there won’t be any big prospects for it. You’re wrong. Quite a lot of foreign websites are made of WORDPRESS. With WORDPRESS, you will know how convenient and powerful he is. Build a station, then have to choose a good direction, because their original work is to do the server, so I want to start from the familiar, it built a web site dedicated to the server.

in foreign countries, such as I do special server introduction website is really too much, too much, just start to show off, and also have their own web site. Later found that there are still outside the block can be earned. But because of the fierce competition, the ranking of the websites couldn’t be improved at first. Later that site’s ranking is to rely on the SEO technique, so the research focused on SEO technology, master from a green hand to SEO, has spent 2 years. Systematic optimization of the entire website, really, the optimized website is not the same as the website which has not been optimized. Ranking rapidly improved, the daily traffic is gradually rising. However, the ranking of blogs depends mainly on the daily updates. If the blog site is not updated frequently, the ranking will soon fall down.

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