Manicure O2O wave you will be a winner

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Manicure O2O wave, you will be a winner?

with the change in consumer habits, the beauty industry ushered in the era of electricity providers, O2O (Online To Offline) seems to have become the new favorite.

2014 Chinese industry economy are in decline, and Manicure beauty industry is still showing 100% growth. This shows that the Manicure beauty market in the future prospects, even increased 15%. But there are a lot of Manicure companies have said that nearly two years of business less than previous years.

and several new Manicure enterprises are in the market as the largest domestic talent shows itself, the beauty of enterprises O2O on-line a year by beaver venture valuations reached 1 billion yuan; June 2014 was founded Manicure toot in just four months time, it announced the acquisition from 10 million U.S. dollars A round of investment Sequoia Capital and capital source. The reason is that they are products of the Internet era, launched a darling of the online Manicure O2O wave.

therefore, we invited to the Shanghai Wen Ming Xin Cong Manicure / Manicure beauty company Mr. Li Yonghua, Shanghai Lan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhou Bingfeng Kandoo manufacturing (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd. Mr. Wang Qi, Shanghai Jimei hall, Shanghai Ms. Fu Yongyan Cosmetics Co. Ltd. Kaga Industrial Co. Ltd. Mr. Wang Shicheng, President of HN Manfred Pohl, Mr. brands in the world HN Manicure China District Project Manager Oscar Mr. Xu, HN Manicure China Training Manager Ranny Xu, Manicure Ms. Shanghai Yiyi Service Co. Ltd. Shanghai Bao Jie, Ms. Xiao Fan silk trading company, Shanghai Ms. Xu Jing Bei Xuan Cci Capital Ltd Ms. Xu Jing together, topics related to O2O are discussed.

O2O, Manicure brought beauty industry in the spring

Manicure beauty industry is the rapid growth of the industry, is a high frequency of the industry, is a has not formed the absolute leadership of the industry brands and manufacturers. In view of the above three points, won the favor of O2O. O2O is able to meet the needs of some customers who want to serve, it is the industry’s puzzle, rather than the destroyer.

O2O appears to promote the integration of industry resources to promote the industry reshuffle. In the face of change, some companies expressed panic, "the wolf is coming". Shanghai Kaga Wang Shicheng said in an interview, do not have to worry about. At present, Manicure beauty O2O enterprises with nearly 50, is expected to be the first half of the time will exceed 100, but 1 to 2 years will be reduced, the rest will be a figure with the scale of the enterprise.

general, beaver, Dudu Manicure rookie, mainly to "burn" approach in the short term to snatch market customer terminal data for the late introduction of other projects to pave the way, this is a supplement to the market, will not become mainstream. Many boss believes that the Internet on the traditional Manicure store join caused by impact, is to enhance the overall industry Manicure >

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