Local classified information network construction experience

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    site for more than 2 months to share their experience of doing local stations. Writing is not good, don’t laugh at me.

as a station, the simpler the site, the better.

first domain name, website name and website advertising language

        do a web site to let others remember at once, the effect can be imagined, corn must be simple, popular. Popular good to remember, for the promotion of great help, corn must use COM now suffer, with CN such as Linfen find information network 0357zz.cn, advertising language: Linfen find what to find what, what to find what. I believe that ordinary people can remember.

second do stand, imitate guest Psychology (positioning)

is a very important place to do local station. It can be divided into many types, portal news, industry, classification and so on. Do you have to consider the site station ahead of face is what kind of people do, classification of information station, grasp the psychological visitors to do stand, stand in the angle of thinking of visitors, people with what to send you the information station or find information. What advantage does your station have with your peers? Analyze and lock the target group to select the appropriate content for the site.

third web site program (program)

development of a simple and generous procedures, visitors to the station after a glance to find their own needs information. It’s good to solve complex problems with simple programs. The content must not be garish. Will affect the effect.

fourth (space)

annoyed, space often can not open, greatly affected. Ready to change space, I suggest you spend more money, benefits or more.

fourth (content)

insists on new content every day, and insists on updating the site’s city classification information to serve the local people. It’s OK to solve the mass demand. Provide local convenience services. Information must be really effective, the information must be simple and clear.

fifth (promotion)

area post, post BBS, thread, the effect is good. Offline promotion, group activities, business cards, friends, website cooperation, and other promotional methods in the study.

              do stand to insist, do stand to be serious, do stand, think more. Analyze the strengths of your competitors to improve yourself. The beginning of the new station is a single, early to get visitors by as little as possible hanging useless or not hanging advertising, try to let the visitors can find their own needs clear information, advice to accurately position, what all don’t do such a big station to integrate other functions. In order to expand the station. This article is purely personal.

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