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about domain name news emerge in an endless stream, which is a special domain name and domain name auction records created, all with a domain name on the realization of flourishes dreams, huge opportunities this news makes us hidden behind the domain name to produce infinite yearning. Like Cai Wensheng with international influence domain name investment "Predators" by legendary fortune investment domain, also let many people have specific images, all of which Everfount in attracting new rice farmers to enter the domain name investment domain investment industry, showing a thriving scene, constantly creating the miracle.

thousands of years ago, China’s master of philosophy, Lao Tzu, once said, "misfortune is the foundation of happiness, and fortune is the burden of misfortune."." What is said is that things need to be divided into two sides. It seems that the crisis may bring opportunities, but it may hide the crisis behind the prosperity. For the current domain name investment market, and we’re going to have this problem separately mentality, not because of impulsive and not ready to rashly start domain name investment, otherwise return may be "empty" cup ending. Especially for new entrants to the rice farmers, we must beware of the following problems:

1. Do you understand the current status of domain name investment

, the current domain name market is no longer like five years ago, or even ten years ago, "gold everywhere", you can easily and calmly registered today, it seems to have been worth tens of thousands of good domain names. Now in the market, some of which had been valued for top grade domain name has long been hoarding in the early * * * old farm hands, now the circulation of the domain name market was "some secondary domain name handpicked" left. To get a good domain name, can only rely on the way of cybersquatting, luck, etc. in order to obtain high offer, which experience also plays an important role, if you do not have to register the fast channel and experience, even if found in the expired domain name is difficult to grab those old rice farmers are. So, if you just start the line now, you should not have the "overnight wealth" mentality, which is already possible in today’s domain name investment.

two, do you know the hot spot of current domain name investment


domain name investment is in fact a subject, which needs to do a lot of homework to learn minon investment skills. Is the influence factors of domain name price trend, especially in the domain of what type of each period is the hot spot for investment, which needs to be done to advance the understanding, make full preparations, to cater to the hot spot, find each stage "to make money". For the new rice farmers, you need to do is not something you think a good fast registered domain name, but to fully understand the market, focus of the study of the domain name market through the domain forum platform to carry out more targeted investment. Specific like Pinyin domain name, "three spell domain name value in the end geometry", ".Cc,.Co domain name value to >"

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