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many times hits and the price is not balanced, used in the official guide to improve the optimization when the click rate is very easy to cause the number of single click on the rise, it will affect the price transfer rate and unfortunately the effects of advertising, from a long term owners may The loss outweighs the gain.

click rate and the price for the shlf1314 and webmaster different importance. The increase in advertising revenue for shlf1314 is largely dependent on click through rates and hits, while webmasters still have a click price constraint. Although SmartPrice tells us that once the conversion rate is low, advertisers do not pay much, but on the whole, shlf1314 is more concerned about the click rate and click number of Adsense publishers. There is no doubt that when you click before the number increased 10 times and the price is 1/10, shlf1314 from Adwords revenue will still increase exponentially.

this may be optimized to improve the reason we see that hits mainly.

The optimization effect of

click rate is the short-term effect appeared, conversion rate is long. When you accept the optimization proposal and increase the number of clicks, your income will increase rapidly, which is also the webmaster to optimize the click rate firmly believe that the basis. If a single increase in click rate leads to a fall in prices, then there will be a downward trend in the other cycle, so many people find that the click rate has increased several times, but total revenue has not increased.

1, optimized click rate is very necessary, this is the most intuitive way to increase your income

2, and optimized click rate don’t necessarily lower unit price, depending on your site, but in most cases it will

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