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who do Shanghai dragon smart people knew the love of Shanghai products industry what the needs of the user, the other is the only search by keywords. Search keywords is not good, but if the search keywords demand is a business, then the love Shanghai products demand is a business opportunity. Of course, business opportunities than business income come, come, see how

many people have such prejudice, that love Shanghai’s own products in the first row, second is normal, because the top who does not own things? Is this? If in 2012 before Shanghai love do excusable, but now? 360 market share rose, if love Shanghai or in their products will be placed in the OK position, then the master is not likely to choose 360. If you love the products in Shanghai is not helpful to the user, or affect the user experience, users can’t use 360? That is to say love and not in Shanghai to push their products, but these products are clicked by the user to, is the real content to help users. Like our own problems to search for an answer, love Shanghai that can give us the most intuitive answer, we also tend to click on the Shanghai know love. Know this is a lot of problems can be solved, can also see what the industry needs.

know love Shanghai. If a keyword or the long tail word in Shanghai love home appears ask love Shanghai know then that industry search, quiz and FAQ demand. A search for "what" is the Shanghai dragon, and the long tail word medical. If our web site layout online to answer, or ask or FAQ plate can solve this demand, our website ranking will be very good. Now search for any of a medical term, 39 Health Network or good doctor online to answer these sites have ranked in the home. If the general enterprise stand is also need to ask one? If you can do it will be better to do instead of using FAQ, you can also achieve the same effect.

loves Shanghai. Very simple, that is love Shanghai. Demand. A search for "bathtub", located in the first is love Shanghai. It is said that the majority of users want to search the bath bath to see pictures, if we provide high-definition pictures on the website inside the bathtub, and solve the open speed problem, then the user will enhance the viscosity for the website. Are not satisfied in the industry as a whole inside the picture needs, then you will meet this demand in the future has greatly improved. If you have already met, you can do better. With respect to the strengths of others, love the sea have absolutely no reason to put your ranking in the first place.

love Shanghai Post Bar. Love Shanghai Post Bar is used to discuss and exchange of experience, if the industry search keywords love Shanghai Post Bar, then certainly not wrong is the industry of a large number of users are concentrated in the QQ group inside, and do.


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