An example of optimization strategy a small tourist site in the five step in the solution

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the second step: how to choose keywords

in the article, with the authority of the good article is greatly improved, with the bad article page will be K, and even lead to columns, ZhengZhan implicated. Here a few suggestions:

(2) key chain should be placed in a position;

type, type, type of doubt that display, recommendation four, for small and medium-sized tourism website, suggested that the proportional control in 1:2:2:3, it is of great help for the screening of high quality user.

the general optimization of long tail keywords and related keywords, the best way is suggested according to the product and destination of extension, but we must pay attention to avoid the station and other product pages with the same keywords, resulting in self competition.

context; ?The article is divided into

first step: choose the type of

(1) if the link to the page or the Internet industry is very famous and is fully accredited by the search engine web page, you can insert the anchor text link;

The third step: For example,

(1) the number of the chain control in less than 10

through "article type" and "Keywords" and "external links" and "style" and "guide" these five aspects are described.

poly way travel articles are usually introduced by XXX plate, XXX tourist attractions tickets, how to go from Chengdu to XXX, XXX, XXX, delicacy snacks landscape pictures XXX affordable accommodation and other long tail keywords, to meet user demand for information about scenic spots.

in a small tourist site no big site strength and influence, to master in many talent shows itself in the tourism website, we have a relentless effort in the website content under. The small and medium-sized tourism website construction is divided into columns and product details page, destination related content, there is the article page template. Today poly way travel Xiaobian for everyone to share the optimization strategy of small and medium sized tourism website.

?Keywords chain distribution?Can be randomly inserted within the chain

(4) main keywords within the chain anchor text and links page match.

(2) or the need to link with the nofollow standard.

article, just need to pay attention to the following:


The following

optimization is web content optimization one of the most flexible, can completely control the keywords, links, presentation etc.. Objective to optimize tourism website article page is usually used as the entrance page, attract more new and old visitors.

The The chain need to be careful to insert

(3) in the position of the chain should have high correlation with the


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