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The application of significant defects in

mobile search: second generation search engine

third generation search engine is based on natural language search, what the user wants information, it will quickly and accurately find out what information, users do not have to stick to the title, author, keywords, time and classification of traditional search methods.

second generation search engine is the use of "symbolic computation", based on key word search (word), as well as the combination of keywords based search and fuzzy search. Compared with the first generation search engine keyword search based on the advantages of convenient operation, fast search speed, direct search, search engine is the first generation of incomparable.

natural language search based on the trend of. People’s daily communication is the use of natural language rather than the words, because words express the meaning and intention of incomplete inaccurate, reflected in the keyword search results on the defects of too much information is returned. Based on natural language search, in line with people’s language habits, like the exchanges between people as easy, direct and convenient, do not have to stick to the traditional classification and keyword search method, which provides users with great convenience.

second generation search engine is to return too much information, information overload. In theory, it can search out and keyword matching information as input keywords, but this has led to its defects: executive search information returned after too many relevant and irrelevant information must be mixed together, from which each screening, no one can get screening. Can you be a little water, it gives you a river or a piece of sea, let people spend time unbearable. To reduce the information overload, you need to input a plurality of incremental query keyword combination, let a person feel inconvenient to use.

mobile search: third generation search engine

The main features of

mobile search battle prelude has been opened; search the battlefield has been from the PC terminal to the field of mobile Internet; mobile search has finally come from behind the stage; the author thinks; mobile Internet dispute is actually search referrals for current mobile search referrals are two representatives; the first is to love Shanghai the representative of the second generation search engine; 360, soso, Sogou are members of this kind of engine; the other is to search for the representatives of the third generation search engine; represents the product search wyatt.

intelligent search trends. Is the second generation search engine keyword symbol matching based on information, and can not deal with semantic keywords itself, which is based on the cause of the keyword search there are a series of defects. From this perspective, the third generation of search engine development trend is that the search engine technology and the integration of artificial intelligence, let the computer returned results targeted, accurate information is displayed in the top two or three search results. With the ability of intelligent and logical analysis of computer, to understand the natural language semantic expression, to achieve more accurate matching results and the user needs to search, to solve the problem in the form of the results returned to the use.

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