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from the first feeling, love Shanghai right scroll bar has been pulling the end, that picture love Shanghai has been in loading state, I feel this is not very comfortable. Relatively speaking, the 360 is the display part of the scroll bar can be pulled to the bottom, there is a load more picture button at the bottom of the picture, the feeling is still relatively good, the user wants to see that this design can control their own, worthy of recognition. Originally wanted to use the scroll bar to check the amount of image data of Shanghai love >

yesterday launched the 360 search image search channel, but also added a powerful function for its search platform. The launch of this function, can be said to increase the pressure of competition to love Shanghai, the 360 search is more perfect. Since the 360 continuous improvement in their search function, the launch of the image search will have some bright spots, after all, 360 is holding the banner of the user experience before, that today we will look at the 360 pictures of Shanghai search and love what is different.

can be found in 360 and love Shanghai picture page has the business design of this column, then take a look at the two column results page what is different.


on the whole, the 360 search is still very clean and simple, there are two drop-down menu option "of any size and display" on the right side of the picture, can choose. Any size large, medium and small size and custom wallpaper, need to be very convenient for users. That is the popular waterfall stream and the traditional display mode, the difference between the two is very simple, it is not a required paging button, all the pages are displayed, a paging button, full account of the user’s habits, you can freely switch. The two set, consider thoughtful, well. Shanghai love reflects the "powerful", above is a picture classification navigation, on the left and the tag recommendation site (love Shanghai own), the latest picture display area and this week’s hot two button, that is the whole waterfall flow way.



home page

from the home page, logo markers are obvious, are below the search box below the search box is recommended pictures. You can see the 360 recommended 6 picture, today is Christmas, Christmas is the first 360 beautiful pictures are recommended, behind the figures, creative, wallpaper and other series, the overall smooth and clean. Love Shanghai in turn recommended a series of 10 pictures, and below the top recommended, whole is very compact. The overall feeling of the two sites, 360 image search on the home page more emphasis on image content, and love Shanghai will reflect its overall advantages, including navigation and recommendation.

column page contrast

The Compared with the

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