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will do Shanghai dragon who is not a problem, the website can we all understand very well what some data is, the real question is whether you are willing to go to the problem. Such as external links, 30 soft links you do yesterday, you will go to check some of the 30 love Shanghai included several soft today, by some forum deleted? I believe you are lazy, but lazy is not no way to record, for example, you can use some tools to help you statistics and record some tools you can automatically analyze what growth of external links today, which links failure, and made your report. If the energy is limited, so focus on some of the data can be recorded, such as record with a new article yesterday, which included, which is not included, then the new record today which adds the chain, which chain failure, and record you today and do what the chain.

has recorded daily data, when your website ranking drop, you have a life-saving straw, when you do not go on the website ranking anyway, you have to open the key to the door, when you have to stand high, you can also go further. Record all data, let me see the website changes more intuitive, the daily website of Shanghai Longfeng data record is very important.

In fact, the problem for a little

is known to all Shanghai dragon statistics is a very complicated but very necessary thing. The reason is very simple, no matter how you do the Shanghai dragon extreme, how great, but always strive for further improvement, but you let yourself further what? This topic is the Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun has recently been studied, said it is very simple, is the data records of their own website, competitors and record the data. This is easy to say more difficult to do, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun today is simple to talk about every data record points and significance.

do website of Shanghai Longfeng data record to >

At the beginning of

why do Shanghai Longfeng data record

actually has explained the reason, now in the key note, cite a simple example, if every day you record the external links of growth, and accurate to you today compared with yesterday which increase external links, and what are the external link failure, why? 3 months later, you there is a set of data is very valuable, can directly explain, what position do the chain, how to do, and what is wrong with the chain, all have deficiencies in the data analysis can do. In a simple example, if you do data records of competitors, recorded every day with new people a few articles, which included in this article, a day where the new external links, what kind of links, if competitors ranked one day to run in front of you, I believe you the first time you will begin to analyze what valuable data records.

How do the

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