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early site contentTo find the



? So Lenovo to the love Shanghai billboard doesn’t search.? so many people search, why don’t I get him? Can you ask? Are you an update? Of course, I also collected a week, east mining a little west mining point, it is very good. But I still know the risks of the collection to stop, do not update one or two days. Third days is all my own hands, let me find a problem, those who love Shanghai included, are included in seconds. This is my biggest harvest. Some other topics are of course collect. You may say that the original is collected, is terrible technology. But Zhang Shengrong is not so.

this domain name changed three times, once a month. The first is the novel station, second real estate network forum, third. If the site is real examples, then solve this one month before the free test website to others some problems:

why I rankings are three months or in the 100?

how to quickly let search engine attract


early site keyword selection

third months because Zhang Shengrong is not proficient in the forum, a DZ7.2 play, then I did not immediately partition, but to find the love of Shanghai index. Those words search, how much is the search volume. There will be a forum called "not reliable" this forum name (from the day to work very unusual) add a keyword layout in the area. Describe the key word inside of course can not be less.

second months and immediately changed a real estate portal program, can also be included. Because the data in too much, plus a program that is beyond my ability (column), said paoti.


why I cannot follow the

included When compared to


search engine to


Before and after

does not have the friendship chain


from 100 to 13, the first day of 70 or so people in the search.

snapshot?Why not

above problems can also play to the answer in so. If you do not find the reasons, then please look carefully how to do. Look for a few pictures:

the first month as a novel procedure time, got more than 10 thousand reverse chain, a day included more than 5 million, crazy, so just delete the program.

why the website is not included?



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