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‘s own advertising effect is far from others declared to the good, so without networking, we have less advertising as well, when we are familiar with each other up, sometimes don’t have to advertise, someone else’s word effect is much better than us, when we advertise in the group where everyone can accept, propaganda and even happy for you, so that your QQ group marketing will do very well; when a group of people to become their own, we can go to expand the use of the same method, the old members as the main group or administrator, slowly with the increase in the number of QQ group. We will become more and more large groups, when we have such a resource, our website also afraid of no one click, no one here to

QQ group is the familiar chat tool, using QQ group marketing case also often see a few years ago, a lot of friends is using QQ group to sell tea made up, with increasing the degree of competition, no matter what the industry will be more and more difficult, only constant innovation method; using QQ group to promote the site is also a good, people now believe that the method only using QQ group advertising has been eliminated, often the information sent out, you have to be kicked out of the.



is the best way to create their own QQ group, when the main administrator when there is no danger of being kicked, QQ group management or have a certain strategy, with good management promotion will be more effective

now almost every webmaster have a QQ group of their own, but many of them are used for boring bullshit, do not play a substantive role, bullshit when possible in the chat group was high, the real problem want others to solve time, may be a sight, often encounter such group. If we want to promote our website, it must have a specific population, such as we are doing the logistics website, you must add only the logistics industry personnel, to do the wedding photography website, just add the wedding photography industry, although other industry personnel may have needs, but relatively less likely to be many; in the QQ group added to the other before the QQ group or forum to promote the group number, there is a need or friend may be added, it is best to set a verification code, know who is verified through information coming in, these people are generally in the same industry. Or there is a demand for staff in this area.

three, promotion website

enclosure using QQ group contacts

first text ads is not desirable, the use of creative images or very easy to accept, people love to see some of the funny shocking pictures, we can combine pictures to promote your website, as long as it can let you happy, it is possible for someone to search it, enter the site feel inside the content is good, they will for the next collection site > Browse

of the population to join ?

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