Analysis of Shanghai dragon WHY operation development model seems somewhat similar with Taobao

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Shanghai dragon WHY forum just like Taobao, is a mother, first developed a powerful portal home page, and then create the Shanghai dragon pool. To attract a large number of users to its talent pool, there should be the world’s largest pool of Shanghai dragon. Now bred Shanghai dragon Q & a community, the community mode seems to be borrowed from the known model, and through powerful user groups, who invited very authoritative and famous master and settled. This thinking is a bit like Sina micro-blog started to invite celebrities, first Shanghai dragon WHY also invited a large number of elite settled, then set up a number of content, in the past few days, has begun to attract new users, for example, has been in the search portal began to call content, estimated in the forum may also enter the window the promotion, because before the pool of talent in the forum also taken a similar approach. Now the Shanghai dragon WHY have now raised portal, the portal to support forums and other new business is very easy to become the industry leader.

WHY is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon world most famous brand, I was just learning Shanghai dragon is from the beginning of Shanghai dragon WHY, so to understand Shanghai dragon WHY. But the development is not very clear, but after this two or three years of action, I found some similar with Taobao. Taobao is going on? The first Alibaba to raise Taobao, Taobao to a time China e-commerce retail. The new model has produced, that is the B2C era. The last ten in a Tmall transaction amount is bigger than Taobao, so Taobao is done before the split, split out of Taobao mall, amoy. Now time for its contribution to flow, now Tmall has become the boss of the B2C. A Amoy has become a comparison shopping search engine boss. Taobao also have Juhuasuan, Juhuasuan now has become the industry leader of the group purchase.

now use the forum search outside successful hatching out of the portal and the talent pool and.

Ali group is the undisputed leader in the e-commerce industry, but from the Shanghai dragon WHY community Q & I feel this way, a bit like with Taobao. When I joined the Shanghai Phoenix WHY, when it’s home page or a fixed knowledge, like a total of 108. Then call home forum on the latest information for the renewal of the home page, actually this kind of practice can only attract novice, generally read people will not come back home again to see this article again. So the home value for the veteran or to Shanghai dragon WHY who did not appeal, so he had a facelift, it turned into this portal appearance, with great influence in Shanghai dragon WHY invited a group of columnists to enhance quality content. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon WHY with Taobao actually somewhat similar, is a platform of thinking. Since this action, the first to get the ICO icon in the website of the Shanghai love Shanghai dragon WHY is Shanghai dragon circles.

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