How to use the page speed to optimize the performance of the website a

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We are on top of the 1, the use of

because these pictures are not small, the space is not large, they can be used CSS sprites technology and then use the full map, >



analyze then click on the performance button, start running page speed on the website of the inspection work. Below is my personal blog site operation results:

2, will be combined into



browser cache:

positioning map images

in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, website performance for search actually attracted, also have a great impact, such as speed, if the site open speed, then the search engine spiders in the download page, at the same time, it will download more pages, so the same in other conditions can the relative, included more pages, and the website loading speed for the user experience, is also very good, for a web page, if the speed exceeds a certain limit, the user will directly off the page, so the optimization performance of the site, but not the needs of users, and is the search engine. Below from my personal experience, how to optimize the speed of the site to introduce.

my personal blog many files are not specified a valid, because I use the virtual space of the network, all the server set above need to be completed through the space provider to actually pointed out above, these documents are required to specify a valid for at least a week, this can increase the page loading speed. Improve the user physical fitness, but also for the search engine grab is a big help.

if you look at the Google webmaster often help articles, will know that Google will often mention page speed and Yahoo Yslow two plug-in, for me, this is my two combination, but almost all the content, below I will introduce how to use page speed to optimize the website. The use of page speed, a Firefox browser needs to install the Firefox browser supports page speed plug-in, but also to install a firebug page speed is running in the environment of firebug. The installation, in order to open in the Firefox browser: -firebug- tools to open firebug, open the interface as shown in figure

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