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two, traffic promotion should be how to do

The score based score of

3. users to score two scores we all can be improved by some means, the user score is to allow the user to judge our website is reasonable, our existing ranking is reasonable, the score of search engine is judged by the user to browse the website when leaving a series of data. Including PV, bounce rate, page retention time etc.. The search engine according to the user data sorting is reasonable now.

score ranking We mentioned

basic 2. is mainly based on our website details whole factor score, including the use of open speed, site navigation, picture description, title, label, text and so on

traffic promotion can shorten our keyword ranking cycle we can also let the keywords ranking is more stable, the main reason is determined by several factors:

1. users who are

, why traffic promotion

4. gain score (site gain) gain score is what we want to do the most important reason for traffic promotion, gain score is based on the audience, when a website more his gain score will be higher, for example, there is an article at the same time we send in our own web site and Sina, while two articles are on the home page or other pages without entrance, then this article Sina ranking will be far more than our own website this article ranking is better, this is because the audience than the sina贵族宝贝.cn website more on our own.

our webmaster sometimes when optimizing a somewhat competitive keyword will find that even if we do a lot of work based on our keywords ranking or not, or even go up is not stable, because now the Shanghai dragon era is not pure Shanghai Dragon technology era, Shanghai dragon and promotion of more and more closely, a new web site if one want to get better stable rankings we must do is to promote the flow, through the promotion of our website to guide more traffic to form more audience, so the search engine will know our website is welcomed by users, will naturally give us better the ranking, today to share how to make the flow industry promotion plan under discussion.

We know

1. link score which is based score is what we call the chain within the chain and the comprehensive score of

we need to position our product or service, later we want to make sure that we buy the product or service users in the end is what a group, at the same time our users will.


so we can use their own website gain score this point through the promotion of direct traffic to our website, increase our website, this boost our website ranking.

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