Analysis of reasons why love Shanghai New Year’s Day 2015 update Ruili algorithm K station

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January 1, 2015 New Year’s day, make a not dull day but not dull, "January 1st love Shanghai Ruili algorithm" after the update, the emergence of large-scale website ranking, floating down the right, stop snapshot, not included in other issues, including some of the major stations are spared, the group and various forums are also discussed these problems, the love of Shanghai in 2015 the beginning not kill many gun owners of the site, but also a lot of website ranking up, weight increase, it is pregnant with sorrow. Why this update will cause such a large area of destruction? Is it the webmaster website cheated? Or because the site itself optimization is not enough? Or to the CN domain name today I blocked? Li Yong came as we uncover the mystery, do a preliminary analysis.

when your website ranking is up, if not for a long time the user.

some time ago we are discussing the needs of users, many buddies began playing the evil idea, want to take a shortcut, think as long as the web page on the top 20, ranked by click on the brush flow software can quickly brush up, this kind of software is mostly simulated user search keywords, and then click on your website, use love later Shanghai ranking algorithm rules to operate. Although your website ranking will soon be painted, but for a period of time found, is down right or serious will be K off, is a great sin of deception, Li Yong here suggest buddies don’t for a moment and ruin your website.


3, click on the brush flow causes

did not appear in Title 2.

analysis of

lead to excessive optimizationIn order to make the

Title if there is no related words in user demand, may be considered to provide the relevant demand of this industry, it is precisely the first impression is not good enough, for example: when the user search keywords such as "Shanghai dragon", the search results in Title alone only Shanghai dragon must not be able to meet the needs of potential users and because the user search "Shanghai dragon" is the 4 most in demand (Shanghai, Shanghai, Phoenix dragon query optimization is what Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon tutorial) so, if I have, in addition to Shanghai dragon Title keywords, and bias of the 4 potential user keywords demand, can be to make a good first impression.

cause website ranking drop


website ranking can more than rivals, Title, Keywords, Description built a large number of keywords, web page appears at the bottom of the anchor text links meaningless, the homogenization of content is too high, in order to quickly get good rankings, in the short term to increase the number of the chain too much and so on, these factors will be searched the engine found excessive optimization site.

4, the website and the user viscosity is not good

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