Fall in love with the sea K station may not be your problem

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(pictured resume today)

(pictured love Shanghai right down, traffic plummeted)

written by K station, as can be seen from the chart of K was injured all over the body. The station from the beginning of keywords disappeared, traffic is greatly reduced and the love Shanghai Lailu included keep the seconds, but no weight, then directly pull hair left home.

is not a chain problem, it may be the content is copied, not original, is defined as the acquisition station, basically most of the content for the original site is very few, the webmaster will also think the site belongs to the search engine can be defined as the acquisition station K station, this is no longer updated incapable of action, give up.

no fruit in self correction, I began to turn the question to others factors, such as: love Shanghai right down injury, last year several large-scale K station, hot Teng network has survived, obviously does not belong to the collection station category, and part of the original article, get a lot of traffic. But from the beginning of December 31st directly drop right, but the love of Shanghai is not in the time of large-scale K station, K station at most are routine. The possibility of acquisition station less, then there is likely to be killed right down. Why would I accidentally drop right? Began to find reasons, even if it is right down to injury, may also be the reason. So I started searching for keywords from the web site, and with the right down, overnight numerous the same page, the same domain name website, and are doing a keyword: Hot Teng network. Because in 2012 October have suffered a number of attacks one hundred thousand times, I have been accustomed to for some vicious competition, even each other almost 24 hours waiting to attack, almost abnormal way continue to attack a week. The truth surfaced, some malicious competition, through the means of cheating to heat Teng network some excessive optimization, cause love Shanghai think hot Teng network Shanghai dragon cheating, and then on the site right down, and even pull hair.

This is due to the recent

in this case, some owners will actually love for Shanghai at a loss what to do, right down to injury has given a good way to appeal, love Shanghai webmaster >




generally encountered such a situation is the webmaster, first is self correction. For example: whether it is black, detection chain, because the love of Shanghai recently on the black chain particularly badly hit, once identified as selling the chain will fall right. For some sale chain site is particularly difficult, then removed the chain these commissions will be gone, and friends of the chain is not removed even on this K sun.

(pictured: Hot Teng network keyword search page, others malicious Shanghai dragon cheat attack)


may suffer from malicious attacks

self correction

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