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station has been popular saying "content is king, the chain for the emperor, the chain for the princess, the code for will, for keywords, structure for city, updated for the prince," love in Shanghai issued Scindapsus algorithm to hit site outside the chain, how to do the chain has become troubled by many of the Land Rover stopped. So webmaster is think of you Links this one? Since I entered the circle, QQ group which has more than 50 Links group, most of the webmaster exchange links of the requirements are very low, most only look at the weight, but did not see the existence of a deeper level of the chain, every day looking at group the link deeply attracted me to ponder Links this piece. Well, direct access to the theme of steadfast regular do stand.

Links tasted the sweetness of the webmaster, must know the importance of Links, high quality Links on site keywords ranking ascension is very fast, but also very stable. We can look at the weight of more than 4 of the site, their friendship do is very good. Do Links to pay attention to what

in the QQ chain group, a number of more stationmaster added every day of a chain to 2-3, ZhengZhan Links more likely to reach more than 50, the quality of the Links? Most of the correlations of a chain are very poor, so the chain has much use to the website from it! Basically, Links has the advantages of simple forms of cooperation between certain resources complementary advantages of the website, users can find their own website cooperation from the website, this can also be seen as a is to enhance the user experience, allowing users to find what they were looking for.

, an industry related, I think this is the most important factor, but also our friends in the chain should be the first consideration, a building site and a kind of education website is a chain, each recommended value is very low. For example, I am building sites, then all stations are content and building materials related, and I want to do a Links education website is recommended, this is like a building in a certain school experts recommend to others how good you think, experts preach building materials education class. How much weight.


three. The site is cheating, now for friends of the chain will choose weight check each other site with Adsense tools and rankings, then you look carefully? Through the methods of cheating can quickly put the weight up, after all the weight of the webmaster tools is virtual, love Shanghai and didn’t want to.

two, a number of web station, many webmaster in order to get Links hungry, as long as the other site weights are interchangeable, the number when the other side chain of more than 30, and the value of? For example, some experts recommend products, he said only a you will find it one is certainly the best, if it breath to you recommend a variety of 30, you will feel very good! Links number is the same, the number of weight will be scattered, your role is more and more small.


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