A method to let the chain number by leaps and bounds

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in fact is not the case, if you want to say the secret, never mind, here will tell you the way to the chain by leaps and bounds. I often operate, soft Wen promotion. Every time to write text, and do the relevant work in the chain, will be released to the large soft platform, and then look at the soft effects, this is what I have to do every day. We can see the following yesterday I wrote the article brings the effect:

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so many people choose the method of the chain is ordinary, blogs and forums. But the blog to keep a long time to have the effect, the forum is also to have a certain level in order to personal signature with anchor text. So, do you feel very hard every day, but the effect is not very good, but also to look for other methods, and then stop the transfer method, the results of the site not what improvement, as usual, to the end, you will feel all the methods are not the most effective. At the moment we go to the group to ask you, what tips. I am so in fact before. Later learned that Shanghai dragon does not have any secrets, each operation level is not the same, the effect will be a big gap, you would think they have what good Shanghai Longfeng method, this is what you think of the secrets of.

said the chain method, is too much, such as blog, forum, Wiki, Post Bar, ask, library, know, there are many ways to choose method of each person are not the same, the chain effect is not the same. We must have this kind of thinking, these platforms are our promotion tools, tools to use good and bad lies in the individual level. Some people love Shanghai encyclopedia, very powerful. Most of the core keywords have been made by him, was 90%. He’s a very high level. But we do feel Wikipedia, very difficult, it is difficult to and on the sky.

we do Shanghai dragon is the keywords ranking, and keywords ranking with the website content and the chain has a great relationship. Yesterday wrote an article " let love Shanghai 10 minutes included three at ", is mainly about the importance of the content of the website. Today about the station outside knowledge, novices can carefully read yo, the veterans can take a rest, if you think there is value, can be read on.

above is my article the effects of the number of the chain by leaps and bounds. Indeed, than in blogs and forums are much faster. But soft paper to be carefully written, stick to it, in order to improve the level of writing. This is a look at the individual level. Therefore, I want to tell you is Shanghai dragon are those methods, each method will use just perfect when it is for your tips. Just write so much, there are good places to write, please understanding.

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