As the new station should be how to optimize ranking

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b: content and keywords.

c: website layout and chain.

Analysis of the Analysis of

a: domain name.

The analysis of

we all know as a webmaster to manage a station is very hard, every aspect of the plan, and to make long-term investment to work station. So as a new webmaster should be prepared to work hard. The new optimization requires you to pay more effort. How to optimize the new station was more to get good rankings.

site after the site of the station outside the station and optimize, the effect should be better. According to the analysis of the results relative to optimize website will be more objective, to fill up the shortage as soon as possible. For the new station station optimization is more important.

domain types generally choose贵族宝贝 better, although the fire for a period of time.Cn, but not now, select the贵族宝贝 type domain for two reasons. The weight of贵族宝贝 high and贵族宝贝 in line with people’s habits. The name is generally used on your own website name in pinyin, preferably also includes a keyword, it is easier to find your users. To improve the user experience from the domain name.

Of course, this analysis includes

on their own and competitor’s website analysis, Zhiyizhibi to be victorious! In general from the following several aspects of the site analysis. The new station site analysis is very useful.

analysis of well connected a net with how to keywords and content, let love Shanghai spiders can give him a sense of family, so the spider can often come crawling, schedule included.

the layout of the site that the spider first time I couldn’t find the way back, I want to be sure not to come again second times. To think about how he walked to the spider to pave the way for more love. Friends of the chain to analyze what kind of Links is in the best interest of the website.

If you

, a careful analysis of the site.

a: to select an appropriate domain name.

Analysis of Analysis of the

I am a new webmaster, I personally feel that the optimization of the railway station is composed of two parts of the analysis and optimization of website. We may feel that the website optimization is certainly the most important optimization, however, the site analysis is equally important. Now the site for the user experience is very important, only do site analysis, and then according to the analysis to be optimized to give users a better experience. I even think that as long as the work site analysis is done, the optimization is done easily. For the new station, analysis work is essential.

two, a regular on site optimization.

domain name and domain name including the type you want to use the domain name, what type of domain name is easy for visitors to remember. What kind of domain name can let people who are not easily forgotten easier to increase the weight of the website.

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