Analysis on the factors of website optimization included reducing

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space for the website included, is certainly one of the most important factors. The premise of the site is included in the website is certainly the first spider crawling can smooth their own website, but if your site open speed is too slow, don’t have the patience to climb the spider successfully complete a web site. So in the analysis of website optimization in the process of the self reduction, check their space access speed, there are many webmaster tools can query.

factor of a space access speed of

when most content of your site is through the acquisition from the Internet to be a spider two times without much notice, when a spider in sorting from the database to find your website content and network existing a lot of resources are repeated, this time if you have no other web site weight high and low natural weight of your page is facing the fate of being deleted. So when might reduce the amount collected about your content is not original enough, because the search engine is love has a large number of original content website. Even to a certain stage, when the weight of your site is not high, more and more not to recognize the spider may at the same time, search engine will put your site as waste treatment station. The webmaster friends in the content of this piece, we must pay attention to, rather than not indiscriminate

The website

three factors, substantially revised

sometimes think time quickly improve website ranking, so ignoring the user experience, repeat key to meaningless aggravating, the link anchor text key, hidden text, buy black chain, a chain in a short period of time is not normal growth, excessive optimization site search engine, once aware of not you >

many people are aware that there is a taboo in the optimization, is not to frequent revision of the website, because a little inappropriate treatment of website of decline of the amount collected is fatal, and even cause the hair is not impossible. The website link will have many links, a new site structure has changed greatly, the spider may be your site as a new station, then the link has been collected before the failure or change, so the search engines will be put before the database after deletion, re collection. This time your website is expected to reduce the amount of things, Kedeng bloggers here to remind you when a major revision, must ensure that the content and structure of the revised conforms to the principle of search engine and can bring a better user experience, the internal structure is good, otherwise no need for revision may The loss outweighs the gain.

website optimization when there is such a phenomenon that many webmaster headache, constantly updated website content and add pages, but included in the site but not to fall. Analysis of the website included several factors due to reduced Kedeng bloggers here on.

two factors, content quality, high repetition

four factors, website optimization over


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