Content is king the enterprise website construction

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with the development of electronic commerce, more and more enterprises have their own website, but the enterprise website throughout the Internet, enterprise website really good few. In fact, due to the enterprise site relative to other sites, has the advantages of simple structure, small amount of information, logically speaking, the difficulty is not high optimization. So how do

enterprise website in Shanghai Longfeng operation, construction is undoubtedly the most annoying content. For example, the product page, in the peer, often the same parameters are therefore, tens of thousands of, will inevitably lead to content duplication, search engines do not feel fresh, it means the site to face the difficult problem included. So how to construct the enterprise website content?


three, the customer questions for the construction of website, successful network marketing is a win-win situation, if the website can help the customers to solve the questions, then the customer will choose us. Therefore, we can collect customers there may be questions, then solve the website written articles related to the problem. For example, website construction industry enterprise website can do a website to write how much money flow > website construction

, in the product page, the product name as a single page title, then upload a few pictures, the updating method of casual content is a lot of enterprise website practices. In fact, this page quality is very low, even if the search engines, later will be deleted. In view of this situation, we can according to the characteristics of the product, carries on the detailed analysis of the performance advantages of products, and so on. For example, the enterprise website the recent optimization case page 贵族宝贝, we can find that the author gives each case the page is very detailed, there are detailed instructions included so the advantage, the page is very good.

two, share technical articles, each enterprise website will have their own web site keywords, such as the construction industry enterprise website, so we can share some construction on the site in the site of technical documentation. This type of article because of relatively fresh, in line with the search engine’s appetite, and to have the website construction demand of users, the value of these articles is also very high.

in the beginning of last year, the content is king, the chain for the emperor that has spread in Shanghai Longfeng field is booming, but with the search engine algorithm changes, this statement was gradually abandoned, especially in Smith, the chain introduced criteria, who dare to beat his chest to say the chain for the Emperor? On the contrary, the content is king, still got the webmaster affirmation. Of course, if the chain do naturally, bring the chain effect is very obvious. Later in this article, the author will analyze with you outside of the chain construction method. In this paper, mainly tell us about the enterprise website content construction techniques.

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