8 tips to help you fix the video website optimization

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8, use the site map:

1, the use of specific keywords Title:

3, use the keyword as a label:

7, social media sharing and connection:

Regardless of your The use of the

. By keeping your content updates, make the search engine more time to capture video. In turn, this will also attract more audience.

video sharing website and social media sites can be easily integrated. Content can be shared more widely spread, is conducive to the promotion of interaction. Make sure your video by micro-blog, blogs and QQ space to share, it also can get good rankings.

a lot of Web site optimization personnel for the video site can not start, because it does not have a lot of content as news station (2014-09-16) today, we’ll discuss how to optimize the video site.

4, the use of closed caption:

tag, can also bring you good traffic, but people do not recommend that you use the phrase flow the label is best can also bring some traffic phrases.

6, update your video content:

as you write to the article title, the same video also want to have a specific title. You need to do is to ensure that the title keyword research is the only way to search in the search engine rankings when bring you flow.

5, use the hosting site:

closed captioning (Note: according to the hearing impairment of the disabled, domestic TV are rare, computer) is of great use of online video, need to be optimized. In network marketing, they provide substantial benefits for Shanghai dragon. Google and YouTube through these transcripts allows you to search for the optimization, which will help you get a better ranking content.

video shows part of video search engine optimization problem, the ranking scores accounted for a large proportion. In the text in the first line of the best with your web site, which will help to improve the conversion rate. As far as possible to the detailed description of the video, in the description of peppered with words, of course, not to stack keywords can cater to the video content, it will give you extra points in the search engine rankings.

Regularly update the contents of your old

site map is the search engine to understand.

hosting videos on Vimeo or YouTube, or domestic Youku, Iqiyi, you will have a user account, so there will be a large number of access to the site of the audience, when they comment, the message is more popular, but also can leave a good impression in the search engine, it seems this is love in the search engine users this video shows, it can get a good ranking.

2, optimize your online video description:

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