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custom is to catch the spider spider love things

why do we want to customize the chain, this is because if our website one day without friends support but also talk about development? Website and life is the same way, only can promote the development of the website constantly expand their relationship, we are in the process of customization of the chain must implement the the truth in life: not the chain, the high quality of the chain, love Shanghai approved user acceptance of the chain, then the chain is not us, we are in the process of customization of the chain must be rational, pay attention to the chain wide, but the focus on these processes must adhere to the rationality of the chain don’t, because the chain lost the ultimate development of the website.


custom chain is to seize the extensive

website optimization has been the focus of attention of the regional station, can be said to a web site from the optimization will not have good development and progress, we can see some sites because they do not understand the optimization also appeared to be a search engine or plucking website is not included in the end face of the search engine is more and more high demand, as a webmaster must learn to make good use of three custom work.

three custom work is customized content, custom, custom chain spider. Content is the basis of website development, a website lost content support not only without the support of the search engine and can not get the support of users, the chain is the external source of website development, a website without the chain is equivalent to a person lost friends, no friends to support your life is about what is the development and communication of the core is love Shanghai? Spiders crawl the site, the basic direction of website development is to keep the site every day to crawl and grab the spider love Shanghai love Shanghai after approval, following the detailed talk about the three custom content.

spider visit our website, this is the webmaster must think about. This is like outside the restaurant, why guests to patronize our hotel guests, this is because we need something. Therefore we >

Why should

content has been the focus of attention of the direction of webmaster, many webmaster content has also been recognized, but also a problem at the hands of the content owners, we can see a lot of the content of the website is reproduced by, copy, pseudo original form, this is the wrong content customization customization method. As a custom based website, the content of the proposal is to customize the original relationship between high quality content, this is the foundation for the development of a website, it can be said that the chain is also irrelevant even Never mind much, because in reality, our friends may not be with us but it is the same industry. If the content is not coherent but not in reality, but you are not the same as the inner moral can also become friends? So as a webmaster in custom content must adhere to the original and high quality and relevance.

custom content is to seize the content of plasticity

The so-called

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