On the three page flow and PV value effectively improve skills

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simple text for the user is easy to produce fatigue, but also the content is too boring, so bad for the user experience, so I suggest you want to improve the content page flow, multi picture this update brings is the best way. And the graphic form content allows users to browse the text and pictures can be combined to more easily understand the basic meaning, the user experience is very helpful. Article two the same content, with a picture showing a just plain text, if you are a user, you are more willing to which a reading? And graphic form content can make the original quality of sublimation, easier to stick to the user site traffic and PV were obviously the rise.

I often use mobile phone to browse the mobile phone network Tencent found a very interesting problem, is originally an article page can be finished but at the crucial moment for paging, which we do not understand what is the beginning. After the original check slowly, which can stimulate the user to click on the next page of the impulse, and then you can get more natural PV value. And the article is to improve the rate of paging pages of content page click on the effective flow. Here I remind a bit, when set pagination, it is best to hold the user psychology, such as paging is the best place to the front page and the suspense, suspense and not so easy to let the user know that the next page on the use of instructions, so you can make it easy for users to accept and paging to improve the content of the page flow. As a simple example, for example, the first page is the page that the hell are they? After the next page can illustrate the problem respectively, if more people appear then we can divide the pages of nature can generate more traffic.

use paging to improve user access depth

many owners think that as long as the content of the website is done, the natural flow and PV value will have to rise, in fact, this is not very accurate. Let the content page flow to rise, not only need to make web site content, but also need some tips to assist can more effectively improve the content of the page flow. The related factors set the reasonable content of the page, plays an important role in improving the content page flow. Today I share a few improve the content page flow technique.

forum to communicate is very effective to increase the flow in the content page, all users are people, also need to express their thoughts and ideas, and well-known websites to promote exchanges with users very seriously. Especially the type of blog website, because the popularity of a blog is mainly through the review of the quality and quantity of each article, there are a lot of comments that users browse the article, because it is a lot of.

interactive forum to promote the increase of the distance between the user

use of the graphic aesthetic fatigue content in the form of solving user

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