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we do not stop the chain and its fundamental purpose is to let the spider crawling into our website by building the path. Through the promotion of website exposure to increase user clicks, which led to many spider crawling website, so you can continue to update the data in the database search engine, when the accumulated amount of qualitative change, completed a snapshot update. Here I want to say is small, the construction site outside the chain and update the content is the same, to persevere, not three days fishing nets two days of drying or before efforts are likely to come to naught. Furthermore, the number of site outside the chain to moderate, not a sudden change in quantity is outside the chain, either increase or decrease will affect the stability of the site and trust the search engine on the web, which is very conducive to the website snapshot update.

optimization is the key content of Shanghai dragon. It carries user experience, but also the spider data contrast started part. For the website content updates, pay attention to the original first, pseudo original supplement, update time and frequency of. Compared with those of the acquisition of the flood of information, particularly for spider love of scarce resources, so we have to do is to match up, increase the original site of scarce factors. Even if the original is false, to achieve high quality, don’t directly use the software tools together, data being already fall in love with the sea to see through, if you still use the software to update your content, it is the prelude to suicide. Moreover, the update time to natural frequency, through the network log we can quickly observed the spider crawling website, publish information before and we have to do is make it fresh here, stay forever in the spider crawling website. If your website content is updated every day more, so to be put to batch updates, so you can also let the spider crawling your site repeatedly, thus speeding up the snapshot update.

in our culture, each love Shanghai is a snapshot of the update process of search engine crawling included data on the website, which means the update will bring fine dynamic website ranking. So, when we update the snapshot for more particularly care. Only the snapshot update, ranking only the power forward, how to accelerate the snapshot update? This is the author Dennis to share with you the website optimization knowledge today.

third is the updated power optimization techniques.


first, content is the basis of update snapshot update.

  the site is included in Shanghai is the result of love, the spider crawling records, screening. The site was crawling left after the data in the database of search engines, when judging a collection of content quality reaches the requirements of users, website snapshot will be released, but most of the time when the snapshot is crawling time first. This is our many webmaster found was included after the cause of the snapshot time is not the day time.


second, the construction of the chain is pushing the snapshot update.

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