Blog marketing in the Web2 0 era makes your website stand on fireHow to choose advertising alliance

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      Fourth: select a responsible union customer service staff. Personally, I think a good customer service. Help yourself will be great. It will help you solve many problems. What’s wrong with the ad code?. I’ll let you know in the first place. Reduce your losses. This is also more critical. I also know several advertising alliance customer service. They often talk and say. Many webmaster is very cattle now. Don’t take it lightly. I don’t think it’s very good. If you want others to respect you, you have to respect others first. Only you make him a friend. He will really serve you.



also not afraid, because this everybody has done, affected own flow, I am the hobby, tries. Ha ha, everyone on top.



and the blog Wangzhuan, which can add their own JS framework code, so you can put shlf1314adsense or Ali mother. I didn’t have shlf1314 account before, put Ali mother, not a day, more than a dozen dollars or so. Send a picture of everyone to see, so as not to say I fooled everyone.

is now a lot of people playing blog Wangzhuan, is of course a lot of people earn money just buy a box of cigarettes. Wangzhuan the best blog to blog, as long as you are not not allowed to publish pornographic content and so on, how do you play the administrator will not say a word to you. And encourage original, not against the use of blog wangzhuan.

said a lot of crap, and now let’s get to the attention of webmaster friends if you’re interested

      first: learn to choose a reputable advertising alliance. First, it is better to choose a larger advertising alliance. Qualified to do business. The best business license and ICP, and if you choose a personal advertising alliance, there is a certain risk. If the alliance suddenly closes, the money will not be going back at all. I believe everyone in the forum also often see a lot of posts, said his money was so and so union to black.

blog about the mass article recommend the use of blog marketing express, I have been using. Powerful. Give a screenshot,

I don’t believe it’s too detailed. Maybe some heroes see it as a piece of cake. Oh, in a note, in the blog article, leave a framework, advertising their own things.

, send some more pictures for everyone to see

      second: select a shorter clearing cycle of the alliance. The general mode of payment is paid monthly, and a week, pay day. Advertising unions should pay very little today. It is recommended to pay by zhou. If the billing cycle is longer. The risk has also increased a lot. Money is only in your pocket. It’s your money. This truth is believed to be known to all.

      third: look at the cycle of data returned by the ad alliance. The Union data returns a long cycle. Transparency is poor. It’s better to choose an ad alliance that will be returned in real time. But it depends on your choice of advertisers in the alliance. Some advertisers’ data is second days back. This way, there is no way for an ad alliance to return data to you in real time. It’s only for second days. In short, try to select the data back short cycle advertising Union and union advertising, to minimize their losses. blog this has not put advertising, and have certain points to put advertising 20 blog I have a total of more than 9000, total IP, PV almost 2W in my hair the inside and left connected to their site, so my website outreach is also good, here is not from my website some people say, avoid advertising.

want to use blog Wangzhuan will have some software, automatic message, the batch, automatic on bo. If you have these three software, Congratulations, you have a future.

whether you choose the actual ad, recommend the JS call, so you can always change the ads in your blog posts, and avoid the losses caused by some reasons. If you are in the custom module 23W can add JS or in the framework of advertising and integration, this is your short-term goals, increase your score, so that each page you have advertising, income will increase.

      choose a reputable alliance; you can get to know more about your friends. Don’t do it blindly. Ask more. Can be in the post, ask the old webmaster. I’ll give you some advice. Finally, according to the proposal, compare yourself to several alliances you already know and choose which advertising alliance you want to do.

, but unfortunately, I don’t know why, when my account has more than 80 yuan, Ali mother said my data anomaly, I K, and I did not get a penny. It’s time to do shlf1314 now.

An instance of

      I believe that many webmaster have experienced crazy SP money era. Now SMS has begun to sink. Then, the main profit of the personal station depends on the advertising alliance, and the choice of good advertising alliance will increase your website revenue. How to choose a good advertising alliance?. I’m a newbie too. I’ll talk about my experience.

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