The search for several reasons for advertising conversion rate is low

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love Shanghai in the bidding launch mode is widely matching, accurate matching, phrase matching, broad match is the default, Shanghai set up their own love, forgot to change, many related words will also appear in advertising, IT training institutions, to some repair, barber school flow, the overall low conversion rate.


search for keywords and description determines the population characteristics bring traffic, good keyword analysis, accurate positioning in the customer, in order to make the conversion rate is high, the product description is extended to highlight keywords, can reflect the product advantage in dozens of words, attract the attention of customers.

put over a wide range of

analysis of the search advertising internal, this need to have a professional person to maintenance and management, or please pony "

search advertising costs continue to rise, but the conversion rate is not satisfactory. There are a number of recent customer advisory network marketing agency pony know the way for advertising conversion rate, pony know the way to focus on network marketing, network marketing consultant summed up several reasons for advertising conversion rate is low, it is to share with the new and old customers, there is hope to help you.

advertising effect is the conversion rate, the customer directly determines the sales performance, the conversion rate is not high because there are many, there are two aspects of internal and external causes. The internal reason for advertising refers to itself, this can be improved by adjusting the advertisement; external refers to the reason for advertising outside, the enterprises need to improve marketing strategy from the promotion, brand and reputation.

search engine advertising is a kind of mature advertising model, is the enterprise keen on advertising in the form of growing phenomenon in recent years, there is no transaction flow, make enterprise headache extremely, improve the conversion rate of advertising has become the primary task of network promotion.

advertising, broad

some companies over the pursuit of a good position, this is the reason of the low conversion rate. Click the first volume is very high, but invalid clicks are also very high, mistakenly Click to check the information, click on the same competitors, these are not transformed, but can enhance the visibility of the enterprise, if the enterprise is in the pursuit of the conversion, in the position of a conservative, but in more keyword analysis Kung fu.

The main indicators of description is not reasonable

advertising auction no special maintenance

external search for advertising conversion rate is low because of the


is on the scope of advertising industry of the region, some customers affected by the geographical restrictions, such as shopping malls, studio, restaurants, customers are mainly concentrated in a city, will be a waste of the country put it, advertising consumption very fast, and the conversion rate is very low.

internal search for advertising conversion rate is low because of the

advertising position too high-profile

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