The high quality of the chain from the share

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high quality chain from the content to share

we all know, content is the soul of the site, is the crystallization of ideas, but also the communication channel. The content of quality and value is high, determines whether your thoughts can be accepted by others, and others can exchange each other. That is to say, share content, the first is to provide valuable information, and can cause others to communicate with you desire to achieve the purpose of exchange of ideas. Such content sharing out, not only can be recognized, others are willing to help you share. Once there is a large number of media sharing behavior, the effect is to bring the chain of indirect growth, and very natural. Recall that the ZAC blog without good content sharing, and guide them to learn the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, his site outside the chain can come from? After all, the chain does not depend on their toil to send out, but the share continues to attract others to help you to spread.

said the chain, and Shanghai dragon related personnel are familiar with, you can in the past by the chain around the site’s search engine rankings of the times, is dead. Especially in the present, launch love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm, and just on the line to the chain tool, can prove the chain wars is a protracted battle, there is no guarantee that he is the winner. In general, the quality of the chain is self-evident, compared to the number, quality is the first. Of course, unless the number to infinity, quality can be neglected. Then, the high quality of the chain is what sign? Today, Shaanxi Shanghai Longfeng simple, high quality of the chain from and share.

creative for a person, is the most valuable wealth, many people may have very stingy to share it out. After all, now the domestic plagiarism is too serious. Today, you have an idea, maybe tomorrow there will be a N version available, your creative coverage >

high quality of the chain from the tools to share

high quality chain from creative share

love Shanghai?

sharing tools can be said to be a simple and effective method, also belongs to the construction of the chain strategy. The development of a convenient and practical tool to guide everyone to use, and allows users to spread, achieve the effect of the chain growth. There are many examples of this, take the Shanghai love myself, when love Shanghai webmaster tools available, will continue to share, let the user know, use and spread. Of course, love Shanghai also invited a lot of Shanghai dragon world Master (such as ZAC) to help the analysis tool is easy to use, and puts forward some suggestions and opinions for the amendment, make better use, this is in their own tools to share. Let us continue to use, thus indirectly play the role of the chain manufacturing. Love Shanghai is already very cattle, search engine, even know this effect, and constantly in use, is not worth other companies or individuals to imitate a way to popularize

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