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two senior judge a word the heat of only two indicators: love Shanghai keyword index and the first three main page number, what other relevant search results, for what, I don’t care too much.

because Shanghai Longfeng practitioners uneven level of the keywords a customer did not achieve the desired effect, it will generally choose in Shanghai dragon Er, if this time they found you, you will not take this list? Two seniors will generally see several parameters to decide how to accept this order: the web site in the search engine the performance (K station, right down), site advantage and competition, there are several key price. If the K station that is certain also won’t meet, because k you spend a few months and easy to start to improve, the customer will think you of the level and a similar, will again bring you to change, that here is not very tragic.


three, others not pick up the outsourcing of word

two, seasonal, seasonal peak with

last night, after I refused, to give his site’s opinion, and then to talk about ten minutes, when the friend suddenly asked me to give him some website optimization, it appears that after ten minutes of flicker, in his eyes, I am the master, hey, suddenly the sea is boundless, repent and be saved!

had two brothers met special Shanghai dragon company outsourcing business, they will put a lot of the long tail to you, these long tail basic is not much money can really take money is the core keyword. Why will they outsource the long tail? Do Shanghai dragon friends all know, tail word up. Flow up, website weight will go up, the website weight went up, the core keyword ranking will go up, this is their dirty place, so the two brothers only take the real source, never by others of the outsourcing of Shanghai Phoenix mission.

Have a friend to find two seniors in the link

said so much, just saying, the two brothers had also received the above mentioned two or three and four, so I hope you will meet Shanghai Longfeng list, must consider.

Four others,

is doing some seasonal, as now the summer to come, the air conditioning maintenance business is good, then the word competition in various parts of the well-known air conditioning maintenance will be very fierce, but the general seasonal words basically three months can earn money, but we all know that a new station to get good rankings, then squeeze out the old station for at least three months, the situation is now three months later, the ranking came up, the peak of the customers not to earn money, input and output are inconsistent, will affect the final paragraph.

, a hot word does not meet

when I read his words, I once again rejected him. The reason is not explained here, or return to the topic, talk about Shanghai Longfeng orders need to pay attention to matters of

optimization failure, can be selectively connected to

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