Ways and methods of obtaining traffic using the Xuanyuan sword

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is love Shanghai know the flow effect, so that in the early adoption of Xuanyuanjian broadcast control of interrogative traffic, can let her know what type of station bring massive amounts of traffic, and do some love Shanghai type questions, can also improve the effect. The Xuanyuan sword unsheathed yet, there is such a utility, then let the sword, how should we control the flow distribution? That is the next two things

due to the Xuanyuan sword tonight just broadcast and broadcast mode for the week, it will inevitably lead to most people in the crowd, as for what keywords are breaking point, then the commonly used keywords about television as "Xuanyuanjian love Shanghai video", "Xuanyuan sword works", "Xuanyuan sword online watch", "Xuanyuan sword Youku," Xuanyuan sword potatoes ", and so on movie type keywords, because my site is made of light CMS, only support the love of Shanghai video, so long to start with love Shanghai video, what is the mode of operation of

: first, we look at the love of Shanghai "Xuanyuanjian of Tianzhi hen" love Shanghai search relevant keywords





Finally: Xuanyuanjian > ?

see above, have to say they grasp for the importance of promotion, after a drama, the first thing to think of people to watch, and get a great effect on the flow, there is a saying called a rainy day, this is to say, this is a very worthwhile, in fact, now there are many websites are direct acquisition of TV drama, then you should not come out in the collection, take a special page, and then promote the maintenance time to intercept this time flow.

here, you can see about the keyword traffic distribution, can be seen in this period of time, Xuanyuanjian keyword density distribution of general broadcast at what time, what time to release, and so on a series of key questions: what about this question, the flow of love in general in the Shanghai know can get lots of traffic trends so, you can see directly.

"Xuanyuanjian love Shanghai video" the key word, in addition to the key point, but also on other platforms such as propaganda, love Shanghai know

tonight Hunan TV will broadcast it to turn over a TV series, that is "Xuanyuan sword", recently this drama by looking forward, here, I talk about how to use the Xuanyuan sword to do import, promotion and traffic for their websites Xuanyuanjian, make good use of it, can make a good the basis of a keyword for the other.

: for the second complete Xuanyuanjian play to watch

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