Shanghai dragon logic the relation of change grade quality

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. The quality of the relationship between

search change based on understanding of website content, understand the content changes from the previous third to become, it is third, the real complementary relationship no longer exists, the user based on the understanding of the website, the search engine of selfreflection, made a qualitative change and upgrade, to really do the user as the center of the third party authority as the referee experts, the webmaster with voice, in many voices, most of the losers to crammed to Shanghai Dragon technology industry, in line.

and now, 2017 new year has arrived, Shanghai dragon has already begun to enter the era of really big challenges, Shanghai dragon is no longer the Shanghai dragon, ranking and relationship between the Shanghai dragon does not have so big, even from the previous 100% to today’s 20-40%. Shanghai Longfeng outside the content, experience accounted for about 60-80%. Shanghai dragon will be slowly no longer effective, even in the future will be invalid, for Jane thought Shanghai Longfeng and even degenerated into other industries to upgrade accessories or change, Shanghai is no longer the Shanghai dragon dragon. This is a terrible trend or quality decline and upgrading of the road, what is the future we can make nothing of it?.


degradation in Shanghai Dragon

but Shanghai Longfeng development until now, want to do this thing, I’m afraid is more and more difficult, the development process of this was undoubtedly revealed in a dangerous signal to Shanghai dragon Er, the industry has entered the high-speed growth period lag, already far away from us, leaving only in this era of change. The giant slope slowly wasteland cultivated grain, and even some Er also picked up the Shanghai dragon fruit peel away deep suck.

logic? Haha, it seems that this is obviously late to see, we have our own perceptions of Shanghai dragon, thinking, understanding and corresponding solutions and projects.

two. Qualitative upgrading and disaster

search engine

based search engine on a single machine, and so on, identify links voting algorithm, to various algorithms now, various link algorithm, algorithm, user experience against cheating algorithm, in the upgrading of the road, after numerous upgrading transformation and change.


we all know when Shanghai dragon industry budding, at that time the Shanghai dragon industry has been good to do is because Shanghai Longfeng operation is very easy, the number of votes, do the link promotion is easy, a pile of good keywords ranking will quickly rise, but the Shanghai dragon just to rank, the result is ranking. Shanghai dragon can very Shanghai dragon, even ranking relationship with Shanghai dragon is very large, can at that time Shanghai dragon is the direct ranking. The algorithm is particularly obvious, people from Shanghai are all dragon master.

Shanghai dragon and

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