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user experience?

search with Shanghai dragon is a coke from Meng Meng is not the relationship between defocus. But now the Shanghai dragon? Since the search turned out from the clouds. We will find that the search is to subvert the traditional understanding of our search, he is a person based search, you can enter a movie, or an event, you will find the result ranking factor is very popular. For example, the heat, the degree of concern. If the past and present of Shanghai Longfeng personnel still use the set of optimization strategies. I think it is hard to win in the rankings. Through this search we can see. Now how to adjust their optimization strategy.

, improve the



currently love Shanghai yet, but he will not go to this development? This is not necessarily, but he is what prompted for an optimization of our staff to the Shanghai dragon? What is the future of Shanghai dragon optimization strategy

compared with the love of Shanghai and so on, input the most popular Thai embarrassed, can be found in Shanghai’s first love is their own products, and so you will find that he is showing more users to share content, the five or six is the video web site, so the user which is more in line with the

if a user wants to see this movie, he could not decide what is the reason? It is to look at the user’s search share, so in this piece is in place, a feeling after watching the first screen display is the user, a user can share more of the resonance caused by the user, thereby affecting the user’s decision.

no matter what search or in order to meet the needs of users, that we do for Shanghai Longfeng personnel is also by some means the quality of content optimization up website, get the love of Shanghai home, presented to the user. Because there are many starts ranking based on human factors to the change of the ranking, for you will find more users to share information and user recommendation.

The author of the improve the layout interactive content


two, the social influence of

now we do content to users is a copycat. Post content is a dragon head but no tail man. With the lack of user interaction. Gone, gone. Such users see see not with writing if people do not understand what the interaction. In order to improve the content and interactivity of the article, in fact, an article to have a very high share, the first is the content point of view is very sharp. The second is your content to help users to supply the demand that can have a high fever. Whether the sharp point of view is helpful to the user, but you as a writer you can’t play missing, usually to more users interact together, increase your exposure rate.


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