Shanghai Longfeng enterprises how to choose outsourcing outsourcing company

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to understand the actual situation of outsourcing companies Before the

enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng absolute outsourcing promotion projects, enterprises should first determine what is to promote the work of the target? Although you know a lot about search engine optimization is not, but you can read the relevant information about Shanghai dragon can bring to you what you want? What kind of service from the Shanghai Dragon optimization, ensure that you what is worth.

the actual investigation related to the Shanghai dragon company, there are several aspects to consider:

considered Shanghai Dragon Technology Shanghai Longfeng company, using different Shanghai dragon outsourcing company Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology is not the same, if you want to get the best optimization services, you should consider whether the company use black hat Shanghai Dragon technology, such as keyword, use invisible text. With some extreme ways to optimize the effect of short, this is not the enterprise want to see the real strength of the Shanghai dragon company will make detailed analysis on a web site, according to the site’s different work out the corresponding optimization scheme, and then optimize the orderly operation, not because they work too much. Don’t pay attention to your site.

for Shanghai dragon to promote the work of many domestic enterprises lack of professional marketing team, on the one hand is the formation of personnel training, job evaluation team long cycle involving the need to invest a lot of energy, on the other hand, enterprises set up in Shanghai Longfeng team purpose is to obtain a new profit group construction team is difficult to return, therefore the enterprise promotion for Shanghai Longfeng promotion work choose outsourcing mode for Shanghai dragon promotion domestic promotion level is uneven, for enterprises of Shanghai Longfeng work how to monitor the effect, I shared a few suggestions:

promotion before

1, considering Shanghai Dragon Technology

2, Shanghai dragon dealer reputation evaluation

if you want to get the best out of the Shanghai dragon service, so the cost should be a secondary, a professional team of Shanghai dragon is related to regulatory agencies to be approved, and from site diagnosis, competitor analysis, the content of the website, the website of the internal and external link each link is the person in charge, every detail is doing well and carefully, return and pay is directly proportional to, do not focus on immediate interests, give up possible >

you are considering Shanghai Longfeng dealer’s credibility and reliability, through the consumer protection agency inspection, the Shanghai dragon company is operating review website, the website before the operation, after the operation of the website, and observe the user feedback, the service of the company, means, you also you can ask the company’s related product portfolio, or participate in online discussions, ask about the company’s proposal.

You can check the Determine the company what to do

3, consider the company’s professional team

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