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3. optimization target audience analysis

the audience more in-depth analysis and more accurate is what we need to know the website, users of potential demand analysis. This is what we need to sort the list of references to them from a professional search engine, can from the rank order by the user to see the love what type of website, or what the website is search engine, compared to meet customer demand, so that we will achieve the row sequence table is how to display the search engine website user requirements.

we all know, the search engine drop-down menu and related results show that the data user demand in the near future, a week to reflect the user from the drop-down menu in the demand, relevant search results, showing the search needs of users in the past month in hot. Whether the drop-down menu or filter the search result according to the demand of the strength of this sort, of course is at the top of the high demand. But for our own position is the target audience of the website, the drop-down menu and phase close search results show the keyword demand is not what we need.

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data analysis personnel is very important, at least to each other is very sensitive to data, can skilled draw the chart data trend, can quickly find the data from the problem. Usually with the supervisor to work on data analysis; assessment standards are many, such as the accuracy of data report, whether or not intuitive enough and not timely feedback, to put forward their own proposals not.

once know Shenzhen Shanghai dragon network optimization using big data analysis, enterprises need to know is the site of audience positioning etc.. If the goal of the website is the wrong audience, the whole site optimization do anyway failed, the search engine will not give up such a good website ranking. Therefore, whether old or new website optimization website, it is the first, if the analysis of the website to the correct positioning of the audience. The positioning of the audience on the site analysis, we must analyze the audience positioning to plan your site, Shanghai Longfeng site optimization direction.


The potential demand for

2. users list analysis


is mainly through the search engine index of professional, professional software webmaster tools, statistics and how to use the user requirement and data analysis tools for data analysis of these Shanghai dragon with the specialty products such as Shanghai Longfeng tools, we must take advantage of the Shanghai dragon, the combination of big data, accurate market positioning, we want to achieve the purpose of.

1. user demand analysis

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