Share the basic principles of the optimization of Shanghai 2013 love

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first, to think long and long do Shanghai dragon from the Internet to obtain the core value, we need to learn and love Shanghai grow jointly, also love Shanghai integrate, this is the main purpose and courage we can survive long! So, we need to continue to study love Shanghai algorithm the adjustment and love the heart of Shanghai, there is an old saying: "only China change is eternal!" in fact, this sentence is very correct, thinking of hanging in the Shanghai dragon industry to eat very easy, but to grasp the essence of Shanghai dragon, grasp the method requires a system, a flow of ideas, in this one, is not available for a deep understanding of love Shanghai algorithm, a change problem is never

second, long thought in Shanghai Longfeng industry further, we need to have a unremittingly, persevere in patience, in today’s society, the competition can be said everywhere, and now as a member of people, also like riding a boat behind this truth as you now, I believe more than anyone else to understand, but whether to the true meaning of persistence, the most basic quality is? I believe that most of the children are to develop these ideas, and stepping back, does not have the quality personnel in the discussion itself, only from the site changes, if go down for a long time in accordance with the a very static kind of thinking, I believe that love Shanghai search engine will think.


for now Shanghai Longfeng workers some of the basic situation and based on the basic principles, we Zhengzhou construction site – technology research, Kim has been learning and sharing in the effort, according to the actual situation, there are some very common understanding, for these problems in the industry, the little golden memory in all, we had a very detailed share, but in the 2013 year, the new year, new start, with the love Shanghai algorithm constantly adjust, many past think very simple thing now to make people feel more distant, can also be said that now a lot of time in change, give some of our ideas more thoroughly on the more open, but really, for some Shanghai Longfeng are now facing the basic algorithm, we have no time No moment in objective thinking really has the courage to do so and ideas, also in a lot of time in considering the workers from the Shanghai dragon which points to constantly thinking and continue to give an objective understanding of some ideas we create on, for a lot of friends, we are in thinking, today, Kim will give you the Shanghai dragon lovers and friends to share a few things in Shanghai Shanghai dragon the basic principle of sex of now, hope that through these share, allows you to read more detailed grasp of the essence of Shanghai dragon, also hope that friends can truly realize some real the basic situation of the inside of the



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