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2) to increase the site outside the chain. You may see the love of Shanghai’s anti chain lifting too much, in fact, this is a natural phenomenon, because I used to do too much spam links, this part of the spam links, love Shanghai each big update will bring them out, so will cause such turmoil, for the chain, in fact the amplitude of the beats is not a bad thing, perhaps love Shanghai itself put some garbage left with the deleted link quality, which is helpful to the ranking. Suggest the webmaster to increase steadily the chain, and the chain increases, beating is normal, not too concerned about, to observe a few days to see.


for the second included the content page, in fact the last few days have to do some things:


first, we all know the content page for the individual stations, if not the old station, generally there is no weight, so no weight pages to be included is very difficult, if you are a new more difficult. It is a novel of the author, as shown in figure

here in the first statement, this station perhaps most people saw the first feeling is K, in fact, the author of this station for more than a year, have been collected on the home page, because only included the home page, so I didn’t care about how his idle until recently think of using it to practice your inference, we can see the map displayed on the two day there is a large collection of. This shows that love Shanghai contains many pages of content.


1), the five articles updated daily original content. We all know that the original content is hard to find, and are updated every day, naturally it is difficult, here I share a little skill, we all know that love Shanghai library inside the content is shared by users to upload, the general content is not through the audit, audit quality is by nature, so I find the original is through the library search, some PPT, WORD file download, the content inside the invert order, change the head to tail, like Shanghai will put such a content that is original, naturally on the website of the friendly degree greatly increased.

3) the stability of space. The author because of the domain name >

not included in the content page love Shanghai, let many webmaster have been mad, the content page is not included, then update daily original content more than just don’t give me to do the wedding dress. So, when your site’s content page is not included, many webmaster will use a variety of methods, but also do not know good or bad, use well, but even the original appearance are lost, this is really let many webmaster worried ah. Today I use my experience to share how to make the method of content page love Shanghai updated:


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