How to let the site included increased rapidly in a short period of time

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tell the truth this is the way I learned in A5, the effect is really good. The Digg site is similar to the "embarrassments encyclopedia", what interesting things are mining together, and in order to get traffic, all these articles are original, so the spider is love. If our website can own professional articles on the Digg website, writing also has literary talent, so the website of the amount collected will be very ideal. But this method requires us to have unique insights in their field, because Digg website editor is netizens themselves, if the article is not readable, so netizens but not buy it. But in contrast to the effect of the late, this effort is worth it.

long tail keywords competitive small target accurately, the conversion rate than other optimization methods, so much love webmaster. And the long tail keywords people know, the long tail, for a web site, it is a forever mining endless treasure, just a little bit of effort we can do gold key words, attracted a lot of traffic. So more and more owners began to use this way to optimize the website, but is not for all have effect? The answer is of course not. Some Adsense hard to optimize the long tail keywords, but the website of the amount collected or not, sometimes leaving only their own home, then what is the cause? In fact, the web site is included decrease may be caused by many aspects, the author then analyze.

website program

novel method:


uses the new general structure of DIV+CSS this program, but in the framework of this structure, the site layout should have clear layer structure code, can let the spider in the shortest possible time to catch their prey, this may be more important than DIV+CSS. In addition, we should make good use of the site navigation, gradually guide the readers own website, reduce the rate of jump out.


I make a call this one belongs to the new practice, because in fact many webmaster do not know what the site map can bring what their own websites, especially Taobao guest website, I was unable to prevent the site map, actually site map by in large, it can effectively reduce the the spider’s workload, provide guidance for the direction of the spider’s website each link, can improve the amount collected web content to a great extent. Of course, making 404 page 404 page is very important, the function is very simple, but the effect is very significant, because once we delete the content, but still appear in the search list, the spider will still go to grab, this is the death of spiders waiting for the long past, spider think our website friendly to him, consequence is that the search engines are no longer included or a small amount of website content, so it must pay attention to.

< > 404. The site map page

using the Digg website

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