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I love to play the game every day, nothing will play two, after he cut a few interesting figure on the website or the game interesting things to write up, for example: today who have 2 goods, how to feed, how the equipment, how to deceive the result is what one expert, touch on how to operate, how to walk coquettish; basically is the content, content belong to the original article, no other game, 2 goods are everywhere, do not worry about what to write, and write up very relaxed and happy, sometimes write to smile every day, others appear as original articles awful things will not. There are some websites such as traffic, some people visit, there will be some funny people and things on the map in the website, I will communicate with them in comments, ridicule, traffic gradually also have a part to write interesting people, do not worry about the original article and I also saved a lot of things, just need to do the chain can.

my station is to do a game platform, just 2 months time, Shanghai love index is not high, about 150, but due to the relatively short time, when it is idle up, what are the layout more careless, not out. The website just wanted to give you a platform of exchange, later to tell the truth not much thought, did not expect the website so soon to come up, estimates will continue to increase some games for trading or trading behind their equipment, earn money and advertising intermediary, but this is what happened after. Now I give you talk about me this is how the website:

The contents of


soft: I usually have to write some soft text in A5, add up to an estimated 60,70 to actually write soft text is not difficult, nor I experience more than others, but I feel more devotion than others, don’t hide, what good method is basically come, see some good methods, summed up, will write a soft Wen, but rarely with my own website name, are with the company to promote the site, of course, I will not write again, write a soft Wen to 3 hours or so, basically I am after coming home to the soft to some high weight of the Shanghai dragon forum, like the laggards, Shanghai dragon WHY, the owners of the house, about 20 of the weight of several relatively high forum. My article.

chain because didn’t have much time, we didn’t do much, basically go high quality line, basically 3 kinds of relatively simple, quick method:

When visiting the

2, the chain



A5 forum today, found many webmaster complaining about the rankings and included off many, doubt love Shanghai last night is not crazy. I also have a station with them on the contrary, many included up, ranking the first direct ascent, happy, although this station is just idle boring just do, but to the first or quite the sense of accomplishment.

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