Long tail keywords importance to improve site conversion rate

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now that we know that the website conversion rate low reason how to solve it? Is very simple, we only need to take out a part of the focus on mining and screening of long tail keywords on. Long tail keywords is generally longer target keywords extended out phrase or phrases, expansion are generally regional expansion, time extension, quiz expansion, gender class expansion, occupation class extension and contrast class extension etc.. Often we can dig out dozens or even hundreds of thousands of the long tail keywords, you need to do is select the long tail keywords because we may not each long tail keywords to do, don’t have the energy, small sites generally have thirty long tail keywords is not much difference. In mining there will be a lot of good, such as what kind of invisible screens invisible screens which is good this kind of synonyms, this is our first selection, because we do not.


how to improve the site’s conversion rate? I think this is the most Shanghai dragon Er question! Many Shanghai dragon Er worked hard to do well, keywords ranking flow is high, but the conversion rate is very low. What is the reason?

keyword is website users between the "bridge", I think this is the most appropriate explanation. Since it is a "bridge" to facilitate the "passerby" we must not set up a "bridge". Keywords keywords is the same, more user traffic is more and more high. These "passerby" or even a part of most are "passing", how can we attract targeted passers-by? "Although many bridges, but not a good signpost to guide the" passerby "is just the most" passing ". So we have to carefully design each bridge road, also is the key content of our. Give signs vague direction conditions rarely, can attract many passers-by, but most passers-by are not the purpose of them to see will leave. Give accurate indication of the condition of road signs more, although not attracted many passers-by, but these passers-by are targeted, after failing to find what they need most will not leave. Signs like target keywords vague search less conditions and signs like precise long tail keywords search more.

so we can draw a conclusion: the long tail keywords although not attract too much the attention of users, but some users are fond of them; target keywords to attract most of the attention of the user, but the user or no goals or objectives are not clear.

may illustrate better, such as my own website is a good example. I personally do is screen industry website target keywords for screens, invisible screens, these two words every day people search and click, but few of the enquiry. I have a long tail keywords stealth Miaochuang price, screens, screens and so on for Beijing, although these words every day not what traffic, but as long as these words come from much higher than the target amount of the website keyword enquiry.

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