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how to love Shanghai website 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/106#2


1. example贵族宝贝/ha/index-j1-s2-p3.html will replace the example贵族宝贝/ha/index-j1.html, do

in the string

how to write advanced rules URL replacement rule 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/106#3

to submit the rules?

is from < > its forward, until the emergence of # * < >, directly with the love of Shanghai provide examples, pictures or speak



from Shanghai Love rules: # said numbers, * says any character, < > will string to its nearest (* or # or XXX) replacement for < >

for you to explain how to write the replacement rules, love Shanghai has provided two examples of

2. example贵族宝贝/ha/index-j1-s2-p3.html will replace the example贵族宝贝/ha/index-s2.html, how.

The ?This paper focuses on the .


Some examples of Answer:

website with the change of scale, business and technology of the revised website is can hardly be avoided, but there are also some risks, especially the web site link structure change vulnerable to search engine punishment, light is drop the weight is K, in order to reduce the risk, to replace the webmaster by 301 permanent redirection technology new and old links, different search engines are not the same on the reaction rate of 301, the noble baby as the world’s most sophisticated search engine, the reaction is more sensitive, and love of Shanghai in this reaction is slow (a bit of sense, but the elderly stagnation) before the love of Shanghai has finally launched the 301 revision tool. The use of the tool, see the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform,

< > is the most important, "will the nearest string replace < > in the string," what is the most close to

example贵族宝贝/ha/index-j#-s< > #< > -p< > #< > >.Html < has played a major role in the replacement of

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