The website HTTPS authentication tool to achieve rapid transformation upgrade included

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In fact,

many sites when you enter a keyword, the search results to display (mainly red warning danger site: the site may have been illegal tampering), users generally see this prompt will click on the website, so your web traffic will be very large losses.  


Webmaster Platform launched HTTPS certification HTTPS certification of this tool, what tools what benefits? We can give the site to bring what kind of benefits?

3, landing page, show the evaluation results for the HTTPS page

love Shanghai for similar website security issues, war plans to launch in February this year, a lot of website security is not good enough to do the site by a certain sentence law, so this is the reason why to do HTTPS. HTTPS can effectively solve the hijacking is a means of black etc., like Shanghai in 2015 has been made HTTPS transformation, relatively large amount of users like Ctrip this website, early completion of the transformation of HTTPS.

4, advertisers hijacked, operators hijacked /JS hijacking

 Why should security issues shocking

two, website HTTPS transformation,

a website, HTTPS

website is to look at the website needs decided not to do HTTPS, from the perspective of website security and user experience to consider, HTTPS is the quality and safety. Love Shanghai in the index search time will give priority to show the user a good page, generally recommend website HTTPS. The HTTPS site itself is certainly more benefit, the site itself is responsible for their own rights and interests guarantee security, website user data, the site itself has certain security.

what are the benefits?1,

3, illegal jump page hijacking

2, website evaluation is good anti eavesdropping / anti tampering / anti hijacking


in addition, love will give Shanghai search to HTPPS some preferential treatment in other aspects. For example, after the website HTTPS, love Shanghai search will find the website, either PC station or mobile station, the whole is relatively safe, the entire site.

war plan

site more secure, protect the rights and interests of their

4, experience better, to avoid the risk of

there are many website itself without hanging advertising, but others into an advertising position, this website is being hijacked, hang a lot of vulgar advertising content on the page. Without this website advertising revenue, and the landing page is not the experience of friendship, love Shanghai search will find this website landing page itself experience is a problem, will lead to the site feel wronged.


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