The website anchor text optimization need to pay attention to things

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we have such a problem, an article, a want to do keyword appears many times (the site is associated with the site keyword content, so the relevant keywords appear frequency is not controllable), here I often find some friends to do on the website inside all keywords the anchor text, whether there were 2 or 5 times or, actually this method is useless, is not desirable, or even black hat cheating behavior. Here is the best way to first add anchor text, behind can be bold, let SE know that you want to highlight what website, so as to achieve the optimization of keywords ranking effect.


3, the anchor text in a page appears in the number of

anchor text role we should all know, now the website optimization site to do a lot of anchor text, 3 years ago that the anchor text and in doing is less and less, and now the site optimization of the anchor text is more and more. Many of my friends know the keywords to appear to the inside of a statement or do anchor text, but it is likely that many novice friends have such doubts: how do the anchor text, the need to pay attention to what

is probably the anchor text can be divided into 2, and stood outside the station anchor text anchor text, this bloke will give you a rough write some understanding of these 2 concepts, and summarizes the experience and online articles some personal experience, new friends can understand, so you better in time do the anchor text to make a reasonable maximum effect on the optimization of the site, to avoid black hat.

is a simple web site is a lot of web form, so a site there must be greater than a page number.

2, the anchor text location

1, the anchor text length

, a station anchor text

literally, everyone is clear, of course, said the station anchor text is the site inside, here mainly in the article to say (in fact, website optimization refers to the anchor text page optimization, keywords as the anchor text of other head appeared only at the bottom of the details of the optimization, here is related to the layout of the keywords. After the time is sure to write this article)

a friend’s blog, I observed, he found the whole sentence on the anchor text, pointing to the same page, and often do, I do not know this friend for what purpose, of course, the friend must know this is not desirable, is presented here, because this leads to want to write the contents: many novice friends have encountered such confusion, is to do a keyword anchor text, or the whole sentence, want to say here is a sentence on the role of the anchor text only increased the internal site included and user experience, for the promotion of a key role almost no, so to improve the keywords ranking, this method is not desirable, try to avoid.

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