When the Shanghai dragon long tail keywords meeting love Shanghai auction after all just a joke

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Shanghai dragon tail topic, everyone talked about this topic now, there are still people attention, the reason I want to talk about this topic, talk about some of the views of the recent introduction of traffic, certainly not limited to love Shanghai search engine, and Google, Sogou, 360 and the like. The long tail keywords, Shanghai dragon more easy to start an optimization thought, can effectively avoid the fierce competition of living space for the glint and flash of cold steel, in the cracks, for the website optimization, title, keywords, description is a single page website entire station location and location need to modify and think of the position, selection and positioning of the long tail the first is reflected in several out of position. But often the search engine ranking criteria, is to rely on the three position and decision.

remember love Shanghai promotion called PPC, I still work in Beijing, at that time, a Shanghai friend told me that the dragon cat with long tail word theory and other topics, I also understand, the past several years, the meaning of these words seem to have what change, but if you really take Shanghai dragon do good, white seems this way is only superficial, not black Shanghai dragon means, not to mention Shanghai dragon, just put the framework of a site to do better only. The rest are mostly look at search engine face, love Shanghai included not included? Sogou included not included? 360 included not included? Included not included a face to the satisfaction of all, melancholy, anxiety. But also love Shanghai official crazy money, love Shanghai PPC crazy race, even if it is a long tail, is more and more difficult to find living space.

still useful?

Shanghai dragon year is not short, also does not have what particular items, only occasionally for a year and put a few keywords Shanghai official did love home, love the Shanghai index at around 3000, then insist on more than three months, the Wuhan Shanghai dragon, Wuhan network promotion etc. words do love Shanghai home and even the first, and is used in the sub domain, and insisted on the probably more than a year, because the website was updated with a strong competitor after competition intensified, the website ranking also fell down, no matter what the industry keywords, 100 less than before I’m not there to see the website ranking, then the amount of change to consultation dialogue 0, is also hard for me at that time of the rankings, so good rankings should never pick list, now Business in itself, but began to feel sorry for yourself that time, if at that time point may not now be enlightened, so too tired.

I had to think, Shanghai dragon long tail keywords,

I share some simple ideas, long term regional, regional word is the word long tail word inside the most easy to think of the competition, so the contrast is still a little bit big, regional + main key words the effect is very general, but also to the home after the effect completely with the main keywords were compared, and due to the particularity of the industry.

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