The search engine spiders principle in depth analysis

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often deal with the owners, to organize the A5 webmaster on record activities, also have some understanding of the operating principle of search engine spiders, the summary of some personal experience, did not involve any technology, focusing on thinking. Read the friend, will harvest.


the whole process is so simple, so if you can come to the page of the spider. As mentioned earlier, the spider is divided into 3 levels, the weight of the high site, by the senior spiders to take charge, such as A5, WHY, Shanghai dragon on the laggards, these senior web spider to the most diligent, so the post signature and give the weight of these sites is higher than the ordinary forum, senior spiders have seconds right, so this is why high quality posts these forums can seconds. Intermediate spider, spider intermediate through your chain or Links came to your site, grab your content, and then classified in accordance with the article level, into the corresponding database, and not included in the decision, the need for a certain period of time, so why some Adsense website snapshot and more small, slow. This type of primary spider, the spider is basically the soy sauce, the main task is responsible for the new station, the new station is responsible for the collection, so this is why the new sites included need time, because it has an observation period for you. It was by report, the commander in chief until nod, included in your website.

we in this article as an example, the weight of this article how to judge? Depends on your reply. A post recovery rate is higher, the higher the weight. Reply grades and weights, so why do so many people love to grab the first floor, and to the signature anchor text is the highest weight of third. So behind the signature was not the weight?. If this article back to more than 100, 5 page reply, signature page weight is the highest, second.

search engine as commander in chief, is his spider. Spiders also graded, we simply divided into 3 grades, junior spider (common soldier), intermediate (general officer), senior spider spider (senior officers).


We always think that

spider is very mysterious, is actually very simple, its principle is. It is quite a collector we have frequently used, can crawl into your web page, your web page content into their database, information collection and database to the original one, the original is to judge you. This process is very complex, large, need to have a very powerful server. The article is divided into 5 grades, high popularity of the original article of grade 5, grade 4 general original articles, false original height of grade 3, and so on. The search engine will be placed in the position corresponding to the corresponding weight, height of popularity of the original article given is the highest, which will give you the article page ranking brings (of course, but also through some simple optimization, such as the word around etc.).

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